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[[Category:NGOs employing carbon credits]]
[[Category:NGOs employing carbon credits]]
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[[Category:Verified active 2015]]
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EnKing dryer 3-11

Solar dryer

EnKing parabolic cooker 3-11

EnKing International is a holistic service provider having specialization in energy & environment management serving Indian Industries to sustain in global market.

Almost all regions of India got accelerated industrial growth in production & service areas. The globalize Indian Market brings highly competitive business environment. To sustain in such scenarios industry has to keep production cost stable or low over a longer span of time. In the present condition it is must to reduce production cost which is extremely difficult, when hike in energy prices, raw material, skilled work force salary etc exists.

While on the other hand Indian laws (Electricity Act 2003, Energy Conservation Act 2001, Environmental Policy, Climate Change Policy) getting stringent & so their enforcement making situation tougher.

[Text borrowed from on March 15, 2011]

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EnKing International
325 Block -C,Prem Trade Centre,opp. Gujrati Girls college Maharani Road, Indore
Madhya Pradesh

Tel: +917313263402



Manish Dabkara
Director and CEO


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