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Engineers Without Borders - Sweden is being represented by Stefan Karnebäck, an engineer and former educator at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. He has developed a water disinfection project in Cameroon. Two main methods are being presented, water pasteurization and SODIS, They have partnered with Acohof , Afoni Children of Hope Foundation in Tatum setting up a small-scale development and information center, DevICe, in the northwest region of Cameroon.

They have an interest in the development of standards for the testing of the performance of solar cookers. The ASAE S580 from ASABE will be used at DevICe in Cameroon.


  • February 2016. DevICe is moved to Acohof Family Farm School (FFS), still in Tatu. The staff contains old members, teachers at the school and some ejurnalists at Acohof Community Radio. In this way the students at the school will be involved and te message can be spread on regular Radio Broadcasts.Several schools in Tatum have started to practice SODIS.
  • February 2015: A Development and Information Center, DevICe, has been established in Tatum, Kumbo, north of Bamenda in Cameroon. After two weeks of training, the staff continues to test different types of solar ovens, provide information about water hygiene, and help with simple water quality analysis. They will also look into solar cooking. The center is run by voluntary work with a small budget. However, they are able to use a professional pyranometer from Kipp & Zonen. The project is run in partnership with Engineers Without Borders - Sweden, and sponsorship by Inpsecta, a technical consulting company in Sweden.
Leéiyen teaches the use of solar box cookers and the --SODIS-- approach to water pastuerization, 11-15-14

Leéiyen teaches the use of solar box cookers and the SODIS method of water pasteurization in Cameroon, November 2014.

  • February 2013: Engineers Without Borders - Sweden did an evaluation of a solar cooking project that the group had implemented in a refugee camp in Tunisia in 2011. They found that there had been no significant uptake of the technology and that the refugees mostly cooked with LPG. More information... - (English version)

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