Solar Cooking
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EntreCordillera Restobar logo, 9-14-21.png

Entre Cordillera Restobar beckons patrons to enter for a solar cooked meal

The solar ovens in use preparing the foods to be served to patrons

Entre Cordillera Restobar is a restaurant located in Villaseca, Chile. It opened its doors in 2018, and joins the vibrant community of solar restaurants in the village. Luisa Ogalde is head chef, and belongs to a generation of cooks who have opened solar restaurants in remote parts of Chile's sun-baked Atacama Desert, which begins just north of Villaseca, ends at the Peruvian border and is known as the driest place on Earth.

The new restaurant is a member of the Association of Solar Artisans of Villaseca, which helps support and promote the local community of restaurants.

The Atacama has the planet's highest solar radiation – 30% higher, on average, than the Mojave Desert of the US Southwest – yet few residents have harnessed that energy quite so imaginatively as these homespun chefs, who were inspired by an experiment that took place in Villaseca back in 1989.


  • September 2021: EntreCordillera Restobar receives the attention of the BBC travel guide. Read more...

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