Solar Cooking
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Esther Nattabi

Esther Nattabi from Kampala, Uganda, works closely with Labeja Yafes from Gulu, northern Uganda. She was an employee of Amamu Biomass Energy Ltd., but started studying Business Administration in August 2019. Esther is a founding member of the African Network AfriShiners and has knowledge not only about solar cookers, solar food dryers, and heat-retention cooking, but is highly experienced with gasifiers and other elements of integrated solar cooking.

Starting in 2014, Esther was educated by Faustine Odaba, Dinah Chienjo, John Amayo, and Bernhard Müller. Her activities have also brought her to Zambia and Kenya. In Uganda she been active introducing solar cooking to South Sudanese refugees in various northern Ugandan settlements in co-operation with Labeja Yafes.


Esther Nattabi with solar dryer - July 2019.jpg
  • July 2019: Esther Nattabi constructed a solar food dryer in cooperation with Bernhard Müller at “Orongo Widows and Orphans” in Kisumu, Kenya.
  • July 2019: Green Day celebration in Kampala - Bernhard Müller reports that Esther Nattabi, an active solar cooking advocate in Uganda, presented solar and fireless cookers at the "Green Day“ organized by the leading NGO Joint Energy and Environment Project in Kampala on Saturday, July 27th. Photo credit: Bernhard Müller

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