Solar Cooking
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The FUTEK Butterfly solar cooker

FUTEK (Technology Futuristic) manufactures and sells a variety of alternative energy products, including a solar box cooker with eight reflectors that can produce temperatures of around 120 °C (248 °F) on clear sunny days. It costs US$110 and includes four cooking pots. This model can also accommodate a 3 lt. pressure cooker. The organization has developed cookers with 3 pots (US$75), and cookers with 4 reflectors and 1 pot ($60). They have also developed another very low cost cooker, though not good-looking but quite effective and light weight, costing only $45.

These cookers can be fabricated at home with some hand tools and locally available materials. They have found that these cookers can be used for pasteurizing water in multiple batches even on a partly cloudy or hazy day.

They also offer community based solar cooking kitchens. See: Non-Conventional Energy Devices offered by FUTEK


The FUTEK Butterfly solar cooker

  • November 2014: FUTEK announced they have also begun manufacturing a Butterfly version of a parabolic solar cooker.


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