Solar Cooking
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The Façade Solar Concentrator illustrates a new way of using concentrated solar power, by attaching a reflector to a façade in such a way that the heat from the reflector is accessible from the inside. It's a new type of frame that allows the reflector to follow the sun without hitting the façade.



4 min video

This video show the technical problem and the proposed solution. This solution isa third axis, corresponding to the symmetry axis of the parabola.

In hot country, without a bay window

Cooking plan in cold country with a bay window

The concentrator consists of a reflector and axes. Two axes are motorized manually or electronically controlled, such as a parabolic antenna. The third axis motor is passive, powered with his weight.

It is thus possible to cook from the inside of the house, almost as if it were a conventional stove. When there's no need for cooking, the concentrated solar energy can be used to heat the room or to heat a hot water tank.

I am looking for other groups or individuals to collaborate on the project and carry it forward(make a prototype, perform tests, etc.)

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