Solar Cooking
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Managing Director Mahendra Kumar Rawatt (Photo: Bernhard Mueller).

In the spring of 2007 Fair Fabricators was honored for "outstanding performance" in India’s solar cooker program. The award was sponsored by the governmental Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES). Fair Fabricators reports that it has manufactured and sold more than 100,000 solar cookers in the last two decades.

The company is a leading manufacturer of aluminum-bodied solar box cookers, but also manufactures parabolic-type solar cookers and expects to begin production of solar box cookers made of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP). The managing director is Mr. Mahendra Kumar Rawatt.



  • January 2017: Update on solar cooker store in Indore, India - Fair Fabricators' owner, Mahendra Rawat, Provided a tour of his store, that has been in operation since 1988, to several visiting attendees of the 6th SCI World Conference. They continue to build box cookers on demand. It is common for people to bring solar cookers that are 20 years old into the shop for a repair. Many of these women told Mr. Rawat that they had difficulty cooking without the solar cooker - they could never go back to the old way once they had gotten so used to solar cooking and the delicious flavors of the food. He reports they have sold over 145,000 solar cookers.
  • 2013: Fair Fabricators reports that it has now produced 200,000 solar cookers.


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