Solar Cooking
Last edited: 27 January 2020      
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The Florida Renewable Energy Association (FREA) envisions that, with urgency and deliberate action, Florida becomes completely powered by clean, renewable energy.

FREA sees photovoltaic modules on most every home and building in the state, ground-mounted in back yards, along highway right-of-ways, airport buffers, and utility easements. FREA also sees solar hot water units on nearly every home and building in the state for their efficiency, autonomy, and luxury. We see manufacturing facilities in our state making and selling photovoltaic panels and solar hot water systems while providing thousands of new employment opportunities. FREA sees more utility-scale solar thermal, PV power stations, and wood burning power plants, with fewer nuclear and fossil fuel plants in electric utility portfolios to the point where nuclear and fossil are no longer needed.

FREA envisions undersea power plants off Florida coasts, where the natural movement of water is harnessed to produce electricity. We also see hundreds of wind turbines above the ocean surface generating electricity without any telltale waste products polluting the air or threatening our drinking water.

In homes and buildings, FREA sees energy efficiency built in, either during construction or by retro-fit, designed to be energy net-zero whenever possible.

FREA sees electric buses and trains carrying passengers quietly in and through our cities without any exhaust pollution. Electric cars, bikes, and other alternative vehicles are reducing ozone, asthma and noise pollution. These vehicles are charged sustainably from renewable electricity produced here in the state.

In farm fields, FREA sees new cellulosic, non-food, energy crops such as switch grass or jatropha trees providing the raw material for advanced new biofuels. The fuels are made at processing plants located near these fields, so that local employment is revitalized.

FREA sees Florida as a leader the US in both biofuel production and the number of vehicles powered by these renewable fuels.

FREA envisions a growing state economy with renewable energy and energy-efficient industries providing a significant and sustainable contribution to Florida’s health and prosperity.