Solar Cooking
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Teaching community members how to use solar cookers.

The Florida Solar Energy Center conducted a research project on low-cost panel type solar ovens for the Dorothy Ann Foundation on behalf of Solar Household Energy, Inc. The overall purpose of the research project was to attempt to improve the performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness of low-cost solar cookers for use in developing nations. Many of the activities and documented results conducted under this project are presented below.



FSEC staff have conducted tests to determine the performance and feasibility of using cooking pots that incorporate a selective solar coating material. The selective coated pots were tested side by side with pots coated with standard flat black paint.

Why selective solar coating? In order to reduce losses due to heat emission, selective coatings reduce radiation heat losses. This makes it possible to absorb and transform a large part of the short-wave solar radiation into heat, and, simultaneously, the emission of the long-wave heat radiation from the absorber (coated black pot) itself is significantly reduced.

Cookpot Drawings[]

Listed below are a set of draft drawings for the solar cooker's Greenhouse/Cookpot (also referred to as the HotPot).

Solar cooker panel manufacturing information[]

Listed below are drawings and a manufacturing information document for the construction of the solar cooker panel prototype. Drawings and instruction documents are in PDF format.

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