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Fundació TERRA or TERRA Foundation is a social instrument to spread out the message that every person could and must do little things to contribute to preserve the environment.

Fundació TERRA is a non profit, non governmental Spanish organization founded on September 1994 by independent people in order to improve the responsability of our society in environmental subjects. The preservation of our milieu concerned all of us. It is for this that Fundació TERRA wants to act as a catalyzer of enterprises which increases the environmental conscienceness of people and facilitates the access to reliable information.

At the same time, another goal we are pursuing is to promote model conservation projects in our natural heritage around cities. All of us are involved in the preservation of our natural environment and only with our common conducts we could contribute effectively to improve the world we will legate to the future generations.

Main aims[]

The main objectives of Fundació TERRA are:

  1. The environmental sensitizing to promote a new socio-ecological ethic.
  2. Promote energy efficiency and renewable energies, specially solar energy.
  3. Help people change lifestyles as a tangible way of transforming our unsustainable culture on a sustainability goal.

To give new instruments of managing and teaching nature and the resources of earth, we publish a series of Environmental Education and Management Guides in Catalan and Spanish language and mantain and update the website (English version)

We thought that the regenerated environmental society we are dreaming in, are ourselves when we will have changed. We do not have to feel guilty for nothing but jointly responsible for all. Because, until now, we are damaging everything together. Big problems are the sum of the little attitudes. We have to have conscience about this reality. The situation is worrying, but reversible. We have disturbed the biosphere and it is our task to restore it. To start, our goal must be to recognize it and assume the cost of changing. We have to ensure that the environment will be our own conscience.

Solar cooking promotion[]

Since 2000, Terra Foundation is organizing the "Encuentro Solar", a national meeting in Spain about renewable energy. Solar cooking has a prominent place in the meeting, hold during last years in Parque de las Ciencias - Science Museum in Granada (Spain). More information in (English version)

On 2006, Terra Foundation and Solar Cookers International organized the 2006 Solar Cookers and Food Processing International Conference in Granada (Spain). More information:

Audio and Video[]


Solar Cookers in action-Fundacio Terra-December 2007

December 2007: Interview conducted by the "Brainiac" program where three solar cookers: the SOUL oven, the reflector and the large domestic KSol Scheffler reflector are demonstrated.

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