Solar Cooking

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Giant Solar Parabolic Cooker -

The Giant Parabolic Cooker has a reflector that is approximately four feet square and is accessorized with battery-powered rotisserie options. The reflector spins to easily reposition and rotate towards the sun. The base sits on two wheels for portability, and the unit weighs 45 lbs. Tempuratures for the cooker can reach over 260°C (500°F).

Because the reflector is placed behind the cooking food, the design incorporates two arms that holds to cookpot out in front. A nice feature is that any food that is spilled or boils over, will fall on the ground and not on the mirrors. However, this also means that the cookpot is heated from the side rather than from the bottom. The cookpot will need to be rotated more often for even cooking, hence the rotisserie options. Impressive package, but meant to be marketed to affluent customers.

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