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GoSol Solar Concentrator is a platform run by a small, dedicated, and multi-national team of innovators and environmentalists who have created, a social enterprise start-up based in Tampere, Finland.

The platform exists to connect businesses, NGOs and eco-enthusiasts with the technologies and services they need to achieve energy independence.

Our Mission[edit | edit source]

Our mission is to eradicate energy poverty and minimize the damage of climate change by breaking down the barriers to solar energy access. Through innovative design and a focus on accessibility we are overcoming the cost and complexity barriers currently limiting global viral deployment of solar thermal technologies in humanitarian, commercial and industrial contexts. All the tools and materials needed to implement solar thermal technologies are already produced and stocked en masse around the world; the world is ready.

Our Tech[edit | edit source] technologies are high power solar concentrators built with off-the-shelf materials available everywhere in the world. To learn more about our technologies, visit

News[edit | edit source]

  • November 2019: Community reports that one of their solar array cookers, first put into use in 2017 in the Kisumu area, in Kenya is still in use. It was later transferred to Friends of Ndere, a very active baking community, which already had a GoSol concentrator. In spite of this being one an early pilot unit, they are still using this unit to bake bread. More information...

SOL5 Technology - Solar Energy for SMEs


Friends of Ndere-0

A video in Swahili showing the concentrator in action

GoSol has introduced a community solar oven in Gulu, Uganda. - Photo credit: GoSol

  • October 2018: Community solar baking oven commissioned in Gulu -  A new solar array style oven has been installed by Lorin Symington of GoSol reports the new oven is capable of baking 30-35 kg of bread per day. GoSol has trained 12 local youths from Smart-up Factory, a local NGO, in operating the oven. More information...

Muhammad Hassaan, an engineering student from Pakistan builds a solar concentrator as part of his final school project. -

  • July 2015: Muhammad Hassaan, an engineering student from Pakistan, builds a solar concentrator as part of his final school project. With help from two other teammates, they have designed a hybrid solar and biomass power generation system. Read more...

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  • June 2017: 
  • May 2017:'s_Solar_Oven_Installed_at_Misire_Youth_Group,_Kenya's Solar Oven Installed at Misire Youth Group, Kenya

  • October 2015:

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