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GoSun Go, 5-7-19

GoSun Go portable solar cooker Photo credit: GoSun

GoSun Go pouring water, 5-7-19

When used with the support stand, in a more vertical position, the GoSun Go will heat water for dehydrated foods. Photo credit: GoSun

The GoSun Go has been added to the company lineup, and aims to fill the need for a lightweight, portable solar cooker. It weighs just 0.9 kg (2 lbs). Backpackers will be able to take it camping.

GoSun claims the cooker can reach 290 °C (554 °F), and is able to cook a small meal in 20 minutes. Evacuated tube solar cooker designs, like the GoSun Go, have shown they are able to cook efficiently in partly cloudy conditions.

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GoSun Go How To Use Our Solar Powered Cooker-0

GoSun Go How To Use Our Solar Powered Cooker-0

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