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Sitting on an outside "window sill" which is my dining room window. Open window, add cinnamon rolls, close window, wait 15 minutes, open window, take cinnamon rolls out! Close window, ENJOY!

The Gourmet Solar Oven is an evacuated tube solar cooker design large enough to cook, bake, or boil with ease. Our ovens have an internal diameter of 4" and a working internal length of 22" - we have put three 3-pound roasts in one and cooked them within an hour and a half. We cook inside our greenhouse in winter with the sunlight coming through the greenhouse windows. These evacuated tubes work especially well in the winter when the sun is low and the skies are cool and clear, almost the exact opposite of a box cooker.

  • (These cookers are no longer being sold)

Magic Solar Oven Tubes[edit | edit source]

  • Cook with the power of the Sun
  • No burning unhealthy, smoky, smelly expensive fuel.
  • Cooks the same as gas oven - no special recipes required
  • Reaches temperatures of 400 - 600 °C (752 - 1112 °F)

    One of our Flame models without the reflector covering on it. In bright sunlight even with no reflectors this oven will easily get to over 250 °F

  • 3 square foot cooking area.
  • Inner and outer glass tubes are heavy duty 3mm thick Pyrex type glass.
  • Inner cook area is glass with no smelly coatings.
  • Vacuum between two tubes traps heat better than any other solar oven.

    Flame 2 case - 400 degrees - Travel ready - Cook while you carry it!

  • UV radiation doesn’t affect glass or aluminum.
  • 15 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    Here is all you need to cook meals, boil water, bake breads, and with only the reflectors you see on it! The inside diameter of this tube is 4"s - easily cook 2.5 pounds of chicken in less than 2 hours!

Product Specifications[edit | edit source]

  • Estimated service life 20 years with proper care
  • Magic solar oven can last a lifetime
  • Holds 200 °C (392 °F) all day
  • 4 degree per minute preheat (conventional solar ovens are <1/2 degree per minute)

The Flame 2 case design is an elegant, user friendly and sturdy oven.

How many Solar Ovens do you know of that have a sliding drawer in them?

The Flame 2 Oven really is The Microwave Oven of Solar Cooking!

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