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Green Sun Rising logo, 12-14-20

Green Sun Rising operates from the Renewable Energy Technology Center located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The center displays the latest in renewable energy technologies, with particular emphasis on solar technologies. The RET-Center houses solar companies such as Green Sun Rising, and has an area dedicated for training. As of 2020, the center operates several fully functional grid-tied and off-grid solar PV systems, a solar thermal system, two solar carports with electric vehicle charging stations, and a small wind turbine.

EG-Solar SK14 solar cooker, Green Sun Rising, 12-14-20

EG-Solar SK14 solar parabolic cooker

Green Sun Rising supplies solar photovoltaic and thermal hot water systems in North America, with commercial, municipal and residential applications available. A primary concern is working to eliminate the dependency on diesel powered generators for electricity production in remote areas.

They also market the SK14 parabolic solar cooker from EG-Solar, and have sponsored the introduction of solar thermal cooking to several First Nation communities in the Northwest Territories of Canada.


  • December 2020: Solar cookers donated to First Nation schools - Green Sun Rising has provided a SK14 cooker to the community of Deline, a First Nation community at the Great Bear Lake, a northern location in the Northwest Territories. Community members assembled the cooker to be given to the local school. In August 2020, They also gave a SK14 to the school in Tuktoyaktuk. It will be an assembly project for the students. However. due to the school closure, the project has been postponed until the sunnier Springtime. Tuktoyaktuk is located above the tree line surrounded by open tundra.
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