Solar Cooking
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The Greenhouse Solar Cooker shown in cross-section. Akintunde M. Lawal

Patent has been granted on the Greenhouse Solar Cooker (NG/P/2016/426), a new green technology that combines the attributes of a parabolic solar cooker and the ability of carbon dioxide laser tube to absorb electromagnetic radiation and convert it into useful heat energy by the Nigeria Patent Office under the auspices of the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion, Abuja, Nigeria. Now, there is a quest to manufacture models of Greenhouse Solar Cooker with 1.0 meter diameter (which would have inner or external reflectors aka heliostats). In the nearest future mammoth Greenhouse Solar Cookers with 50 meters and above diameter would be constructed in solar farms for use as industrial bakeries, distilling, sterilizing and pasteurizing equipment. Note that a simple greenhouse solar cooker embodiment which comprises a parabolic transparent glass bowl with half of its inner surface covered by reflective material on which an equally transparent glass cover-lid can efficiently serve as a solar-water pasteurizer cum distiller for water.

Greenhouse Solar Cooker technology has been invented as a versatile solar power harnessing equipment. The inventor is an African scientist who has found it a daunting task raising funds and securing collaborative agreement to manufacture the prototypes as well as further research and development due in part to the prevailing harsh economic climate in Africa coupled with the erroneous belief that no sound technology can emanate from South of the Sahara desert.

However, its a "Catch 22" situation for the inventor as this emerging technology is one of those critical technologies that could pull out Africa and the so called 'South Countries' from the abyss of recession.

The idea that solar cooker technology is meant for the hobbyists, IDP camps and the poor with funding from charitable organizations is a misconception that even adepts of solar technology find hard to dispose off. Concentrated solar power requires a lot of land and are only cost-efficient in large-scale projects as exemplified by the giant solar plants in Israel and Australia, this is the future direction of viable Greenhouse Solar Cooker the crowd funding campaign of Greenhouse Solar Cooker on indiegogo.

Large Greenhouse Solar cooker is a versatile equipment that produces copious steam which is required to generate electricity through steam turbines or utilized in any food processing chain. Its multiple mechanisms of action could reduce the number of parabolic-mirror-modules required when constructing large scale Solar Thermal Power stations that use concentrated solar power. It also has a potential of being adapted into a futuristic solar laser technology.


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