Solar Cooking
Last edited: 4 October 2017      
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Greenpeace, known for their environmental awareness campaigns, began offering workshops to train volunteers to be solar ambassadors. Participants received information on helping remote village areas with solar energy projects. The projects will include both solar PV electrical installations and workshops to demonstrate and promote the use of solar thermal cooking. The training for trainers began in July 2017.


Greenpeace solar cooking workshop for trainers in Casablanca, Morocco, July 2017 - Photo credit: Greenpeace Media

Articles in the media[]

  • July 2017: According to the Morocco World News, the international environmental advocacy group said the initiative aims to create a “network of solar ambassadors” to catalyze “the deployment of decentralized solar energy in the kingdom to complement macro scale energy development.” Read more about the projects: Greenpeace Launches Solar Energy Education Project in Morocco - Morocco World News