Solar Cooking
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Greenpop - Solar for Trees is a nonprofit organization conducting research using parabolic solar cookers in Livingstone, Zambia with a women's group called Solar Venture. They intend to encourage solar cooking by slowly breaking down barriers to behavior change and teaching children about solar power. The aim is to encourage local design and innovation around solar cooking.

They began teaching solar cooking in 2012, and had already taught 300 people to solar cook by spring 2013.


Greenpop volunteers celebrate a successful planting at St. Raphael’s.

  • July 2014: Another successful planting - Greenpop volunteers headed off on a double mission to plant 50 trees at Linda Farm and St Raphael’s High School. However, with a little bit of extra Greenpop gumption, they managed to squeeze in a few more rows of lemon trees at Linda Farm in efforts to help them initiate a fruit orchard and boost income-generating activities. All in all, 71 trees were planted, 21 more than originally planned.

Greenpop - Solar for Trees planting group. Photo by Jacques Smit

  • May 2014: (Platbos) Planting update - Greenpop - Solar for Trees is pleased to announce that they tallied up the numbers from their Reforest Fest in May, a two-weekend reforestation project, and they planted a whopping 10,002 trees. This means that to date they have planted over 40 000 trees in southern Africa - over 18 000 of which were in the Platbos Forest Reserve, making this one of the largest reforestation projects in South Africa.
  • May 9-11 & May 16-18, 2014: (Platbos) Once again the Greenpop - Solar for Trees Platbos Reforest Fest is happening twice in 2014, one weekend fest for families and one for friends! Camp in Africa’s southernmost forest, help plant thousands of trees to reforest the surrounding area, dance to live music and be part of growing Platbos Forest back to its original abundance. In conjunction with teaching solar cooking, Greenpop - Solar for Trees sponsors planting sessions to help offset the trees lost to development and fuel usage. Meals and musical entertainment is included. More information...
  • December 2013: Greenpop is hosting the third annual Trees for Zambia Festival of Action from June 15th through July 6th, 2014 in Livingstone, Zambia. Thousands of trees will be planted. The three week festival will also be a gathering place for individuals and organizations to provide workshops that help provide solutions to environmental challenges. Greenpop has sponsored solar cooking programs in the past, and would welcome solar cooking workshops at the festival. Festival participation information..
Greepop trees for zambia2013.png
  • August 2013: As part of their Trees for Zambia 2013 project, Greenpop constructed 20 solar cookers out of recycled materials with their participating school groups. The goal was not only to build these 20 solar cookers, but to demonstrate that solar cooking is a cheap and effect way to cook. For more information, visit the Trees for Zambia project page.

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