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Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka had distributed almost 200 solar cookers by November 2009

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Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka began operating in Sri Lanka in 1994 through affiliates. The model later evolved into a series of Habitat Resource Centers that support satellite centers and individual projects in four regions. Today, HFH Sri Lanka is probably the country’s largest home builder after the government.

The former affiliate, now satellite center, in Anuradhapura pioneered Habitat’s housing microfinance scheme, Save & Build, in 2000. This sees groups of about 12 families saving toward the cost of one house. When that amount is reached, Habitat matches their efforts with a loan to build two more houses, thus allowing three houses to be built. The cycle repeats until each group member has a house. Loan repayments are recycled into a fund to help other savings groups.

In line with the seventh Millennium Development Goal on ensuring environmental sustainability, the Habitat Resource Center in eastern Batticaloa is building houses with environmentally-friendly and energy-saving features. Concepts of home gardens, solar cookers, garbage compost bins and wind pump systems are also introduced to home partners.

News and recent developments

  • January 2009 HFH Sri Lanka held a ceremony in Colombo for partners, donors and potential supporters to mark its 10,000th family served. The family came from Moratuwa.
  • June 2007 Habitat marked the 2,000th house built for tsunami-affected families, in Samagiwatte village, Dangedera, in southern Galle.
  • December 2005 HFH Sri Lanka was ranked “Best NGO” by recipients of tsunami-aid in Sri Lanka in a study conducted by San Francisco’s Fritz Institute; the award was made in December 2005.

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