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Haines Solar Cookers operates from Del Mar, California, USA, and was founded by Roger Haines. The company represents the culmination of his design development of solar panel cookers and cooking accessories. Roger has been a long time advocate of solar cooking, having made many trips to East Africa, working to promote the solar cooker market and provide better cooking solutions for those living in refugee camps.

Roger is a board member of Solar Household Energy, a Washington, D.C., USA based promoter of solar cooking, and also a member of the Solar Cookers International Association. He is also on the Board of San Diego based Alliance for African Assistance, and is Rotary Foundation Chair of the San Diego Rotary Club 33. Roger has been designing and making solar cookers since 2013.


  • NEW: April 2022: Updated Haines 1 - Roger Haines reports there will be an updated version of the Pop Open Haines 1 solar cooker by June 2022, which, with a larger reflector, is 35% more powerful and more corrosion resistant. The Haines 1 is a more affordable option to the Haines 2.0. Read more...
  • NEW: January 2022: Focus groups in refugee camps - Roger Haines reports that Haines Solar Cookers has been organizing three simultaneous “focus group” projects for 10 women in each of three refugee camps:  Dadaab and Kakuma (in Kenya) and Palabek Refugee Community (in Uganda). Materials to make about 250 Haines 2.0 “pop-open” cookers are already in each Camp. These are the original “wrinkly” MPET rolls that I imported into Kenya in 2014, so we must tape three pieces together to make the new one-piece “pop-open” design.  We will not order new one-piece reflectors until we obtain reports from the focus groups. The Alliance for African Assistance-Kenya has identified and will soon hire the lead trainers, who are themselves refugees well-connected with each Camp.  We will start small and make sure we have the right design and the right partners in each camp before scaling up.
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Cómo armar un Horno Solar Haines I. Tutorial

Bibiana Hernández, de la comunidad de San Miguel del Valle, Tlacolula, Oax, tiene 2 años usando su horno solar Haines y promoviéndolo en sus comunidades como parte del proyecto piloto impulsado por Solar Household Energy, Inc. En este tutorial, ella nos explica como se arma un horno solar para poder cocinar los alimentos con energía solar.

  • June 2019: Roger Haines provides a review of various solar cooker types.

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