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Hobo Gasifier Stove
Gassifier schematic Dave Sailer 2016

This very simple gasifier made from a tin can and some chicken wire was designed by Dave Sailer. It works with one charge of fuel at a time to produce a hot, smokeless fire. Weighing only 3.8 ounces (108 g), it is, according to Dave, "hotter than a flamethrower, quieter than a Whisperlite (what isn't?), almost as light as a Trangia, this stove burns anything solid you can stuff into it and has no moving parts."

The principlesEdit

  • Burning wood produces smoke.
  • It is not the wood that burns but the smoke.
  • The trick is to generate lots of smoke and then burn it before it gets away.
  • You do this by burning the fuel from the top down.
  • The fuel supply (dry wood) is infinite. No need to carry it.
  • The stove is dead simple. Once you get it built, that's it — nothing to adjust or maintain.

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