Solar Cooking
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The hot plate solar cooker is a parabolic solar power cooker with a wooden or cardboard base and high refraction index reflectors. This solar cooker can reach high temperatures, around 300 ºC, similar to those reached in a conventional cooker. Its parabolic shape is due to 11 "barillas", made of cardboard or wood, that form the base, and where the reflecting aluminium is placed. Plans are freely distributed, although the construction of the cooker requires some skills and specific tools. The materials for the base, mainly cardboard or cardboard and wood, are easy available anywhere, but the reflecting surface may be a problem in some populations (lack of material, costs). To construct the grill forge skills may be needed , as well as carpentry skills if the base is made of wood.


The base and the 11 "barillas" can be made of either wood or cardboard. The parabola is formed with a reflecting aluminium paper (85% of reflection approximately). Also needed are some steel angles for the grill and the material and tools for welding.


Dimensions: Base: 0,5 x 0,5 m Height: 20 cm Focal distance: 25 cm

Weight: Varies between 6 - 9 grams, depending on the material.

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