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The Hypar Solar Cooker - photo credit: William Bradley

The Hypar Solar Cooker is a parabolic solar cooker designed by William Bradley, founder of Earthbound Technology. According to the designer, it is a new type of solar cooker that is easier and less labor intensive to build than most parabolic cookers. The Hypar Cooker is primarily a multisided parabolic with the outermost portion of the parabola replaced with a conic section.

Bradley feels the Hypar cooker is safer than typical parabolic cookers because, with the multisided parabola, the focal point is spread over a focal area. Also, the focal area is located inside the Hypar cooker making it safer than cookers that have the focal point located outside the cooker.

Assembly of the pie shaped pieces to create the reflector

Earthbound Technology is making this solar cooker available to all interested persons wishing to make one for themselves. They offer construction instructions on their website.

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