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The International Solar Energy Society (ISES) is a global organisation for promoting the development and utilization of renewable energy. ISES was formed in 1954 as a world-wide non-profit organisation dedicated to the advancement of the utilization of solar energy. ISES is now active in over 105 countries world-wide. Its members include scientists and researchers, plus many others from industry and other private and public organisations.


ISES aims to bring recent developments in solar energy, both in research and applications, to the attention of decision makers and the general public, in order to increase the understanding and use of this non-polluting resource in everyday life.

ISES promotes research, development and the use of technologies which are directly or indirectly fueled by the sun and which minimize the consequences of energy use. These technologies can provide sustainable solutions for the supply of energy in both industrialized and developing countries.


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  • August 2017:
Webinar - Solar cooker performance evaluation

Webinar - Solar cooker performance evaluation

This webinar was organized by the International Solar Energy Society with assistance of Solar Cookers International. Agenda • Julie Greene (Executive Director, Solar Cookers International) - Overview of solar cooking and responding to the need for solar cooker evaluations • Dr. Paul Funk (Member, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) - The ASAE S580.1 protocol for Testing and Reporting Solar Cooker Performance • Dr. Alan Bigelow (Science Director, Solar Cookers International) - Implementing the SCI Performance Evaluation Process (PEP) • Anne Patterson (Founder and CEO, Solavore) - The value of solar cooker PEP results: a manufacturer's perspective speakers biographies and more details here:

  • February 2016: 
Webinar Solar Food Processing for Income Generation

Webinar Solar Food Processing for Income Generation

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