Solar Cooking
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The parabolic solar system was designed and developed by Dr., Professor and scientist, Mr. Vahan Hamasazpyan in Armenia, after the devastating Spitak earthquake in 1988.

His purpose was to supply many parabolas to homes and villages for different services; cooking food, generating heating, and production of electricity. The system can generate heat up to 600 degrees.

Through the years Dr. Hamasazpyan had conducted several cooking contests in different region of Armenia with school children, and prepared jam and fruit marmalades, etc.

The goal is to manufacture the paraboles in large quantities in Spitak, northern Armenia, where lack of electricity and energy is major problem for recovery from the disaster.


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  • March 2021: Vasken Melkonian has responded to a Wiki inquiry, and reports the International Volunteer Cultural Centre (IVCC) continues to be an active community meeting place, where locals typically gather for morning coffee. They also conduct the occasional solar cooking gathering for the community.
  • Sunday, July 15, 2012 (Spitak) The International Volunteer Cultural Centre (IVCC) is sponsoring the Solar Food Cooking Contest. Please join local students and scientists who have created their own solar cookers and other ecological inventions. Bring your solar cooker, inventions, and be welcome to stay at the centre free of charge for up to three nights. To receive more details and travel information, please contact in Armenia: Professor Vahan Hamazaspyan Tel: + 374 - 93 35 95 53, International Coordinator: Mr. V. Melkonian Tel: + 33 - 6 37 14 86 43
  • July and August 2012: Volunteer in Armenia. You are invited to come to; Spitak, Armenia as a Volunteer to help in a Summer Camp coordinated by the, International Volunteer Cultural Centre (IVCC) a non-profit organization. The candidate, he or she must be 18 years or older, preferred experience in education, languages, sports, and medical. Minimum working period 2 weeks. Lodging is provided (free Room). International coordinator: Mr. Vasken Melkonian, (France) Tel. + 33— 637 14 86 43. In Armenia: Professor, Vahan Hamazaspyan + 34- 93 35 95 53 Email:

Audio and video[]

  • March 2014:

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Solar cooking with Dr. Vahan Hamazaspyan (in Armenian)


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