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Irene Perbal photo, 9-18-14

Irene Perbal

Irene Perbal began her adventure with solar cooking in 2005 when she traveled to Brazil with her husband Michael Boylson. Michael and Irene decided to take a dozen solar cookers with and demonstrate how to use and how to make them, to help low income people, who have to buy expensive bottled gas, with the means to use the abundant and free solar energy for their cooking.

Upon her return Irene formed an alliance with the local Rotary club in Jackson, California, USA, and she has been promoting solar cooking ever since. She sees the need for low income people living in developing countries to have access to this free fuel, but she also sees a need for helping the low income, and often homeless population close to her home in Jackson, California. She has started the website, Solar Cooking Plus to chronicle their solar cooking history, and to track new projects the group is undertaking.

Irene Perbal with solar cookers, 9-18-14

Irene in her field of solar cookers


  • January 2015: Irene Perbal has explained how she used her experience promoting solar cooking in Sudan and Brazil to help out back in her home state of California, USA. She has been encouraging the use of solar cooking at local food banks. She began doing talks and seminars to train locals on how to build and use the cookers, including the underserved frequenting the food banks. Often her presentation includes sharing a lunch of solar cooked lasagne. Thinking Globally and Acting Locally - Huffington Post

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  • December 2022:

Irene Perbal- Solar Cooking Across the Continents-2

Irene is interviewed by Luther Krueger from the Big Blue Sun Museum of Solar Cooking. She spoke about living through adversity to develop a robust solar cooking education program.

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