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The Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development in Madhya Pradesh, India is led by Janak McGilligan, who is a Solar Cookers International Associate and a member of the Solar Cookers International Advisory Council.

Most significant projects[]

Jimmy McGilligan demonstrates a large parabolic solar reflector to local women. Photo credit: Janak McGilligan

  • Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development and the Barli Development Institute for Rural Women - The long lasting partnership of Janak McGilligan and Jimmy McGilligan has provided a depth of solar cooking instruction for rural residents in India, beginning their work in 2008. Since that time, the two facilities, the Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development and the Barli Development Institute for Rural Women, have trained over 150,000 youths in solar cooking, and over 6,000 rural and tribal women from over 1,000 villages to be community workers and trainers for solar cooking. They have shown communities that solar cookers can prepare their traditional and community foods with no problem, and have supervised the installation of many Scheffler Community Kitchens. Their projects have helped the self esteem of the local women, and created opportunities for them to use solar cooking to establish businesses that continue to provide community revenue. Jimmy passed away in 2011, but as of 2022, Janak continues to carry on their valuable work. Watch Janak McGilligan recall their work at CONSOLFOOD 2022


A woman prepares a meal with her parabolic solar cooker in India, Photo credit: CNN

  • October 2021: Recognizing the need for solar cooking: - Solar Cookers International was pleased to be recognized for its effort in promoting solar cooking by CNN. Approximately four million solar cookers are in use at this time worldwide, helping to save entire forests from destruction. SCI Advisor, Janak McGilligan, describes the efforts the Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development has contributed to many communities in India with their solar cooking introductory programs. Read the article...

Food fest attendees prepare a wonderful solar cooked meal at the Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development - Photo credit: The Times of India

  • April 2018: Solar Food Fest - Attendees gathered to celebrate Sustainable Development week at the Centre with a potluck food fest. Twenty-two solar cookers were used to prepare 30 delicacies. The Centre has organized the sustainable development week with the aim to encourage larger numbers of people to adapt a sustainable lifestyle. Read more...

Women training women to use solar cookers, celebrating World Environment Day. Photo credit: J. McGilligan, 2017.

Scientists visit the Jimmy McGilligan Centre in January 2017 - Photo credit: Free Press Journal

  • January 2017: Scientists gather to discuss adoption issues - Scientists from 19 countries visited Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development to discuss issues delaying use of solar cooking technology. Deepak Gadhia from the Muni Seva Ashram commented “The problem that we have come across, which hurdles the use of solar powered cookers, is the cost involved for an average person.” “Indore has potential to become MP’s solar hub using solar cooking, food processing and related technologies for food parks, namkeen clusters and organic farming,” Centre Director, Janak Palta McGilligan added to the discussion. Read more...
  • January 2017: World’s top solar cooking experts to visit Jimmy McGillian Centre  - After the 6th SCI World Conference 2017 being held from 16-19 January, a number of solar cooking experts are scheduled to visit the Centre. Read more... - The Free Press Journal

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  • July 2014:

McGilligan Empowering young Rural and Tribal women with Solar Cookers

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