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Crossed Mirrors Cooker diagram, 9-29-14

Crossed Mirrors Cooker

John Futhey is a physicist with a specialty in optical design, living in Santa Rosa, California, USA. He is the designer of the Crossed Mirrors Cooker. With this design he was looking to keep the high efficiency output of parabolic solar cookers, but employ simpler construction methods, not requiring the typical compound dome shapes.

He spent four years living in rural Nigeria, and recognizes the need to match the design of efficient solar cookers with the local manufacturing capabilities of developing countries. He wants to focus his efforts on projects intended for these local markets.

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John is interested in consulting with other individuals, manufacturers, and organizations working in host countries looking for ways to improve or create new solar cooker designs.

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John Futhey
4045 Princeton Dr.
Santa Rosa, California 95405

Tel: +1 707 528 2045
Mobile: +1 707 304 2202


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