Solar Cooking
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The vision of the Jordanian Renewable Energy Society (JRES) is to stimulate the use of renewable energy resources in Jordan and worldwide - to use that energy efficiently for the benefit of Jordan and for all Arabic countries - to invest in the now practical renewable energy technologies for the benefit of the Arabic world and - to focus on how to obtain more of our future energy resources renewably from the sun.


HRH Prince Nayef bin Assem visits a Jordanian Renewable Energy Society solar cooking demonstration.

  • October 2013: HRH Prince Nayef bin Assem took time to visit a Jordanian Renewable Energy Society solar cooking demonstration. He has led the initiative to introduce solar cooking to poorer residents in Jordan.

The Jordanian Renewable Energy Society trains women from the local community to solar cook.

Local Jordanian students participate in the Green Generation Initiative sponsored by the Jordanian Renewable Energy Society.

  • January 2013: - The Jordanian Renewable Energy Society (JRES) is the planned national museum and resource center for renewable energy and energy efficiency in Jordan. Different applications of renewable energy (PV, solar thermal, wind energy, bio-energy, solar cooking, and energy efficiency) will be represented. One of the featured activities for JRES in the coming year is the Jordan Solar Restaurant which will soon be open to serve the local community and visitors from around the world. Customers will be encouraged to use the solar cookers themselves to prepare their own meals if they wish. JRES has also begun its Green Generation Initiative, which invites children from different levels in the Jordanian schools to adopt new habits and shift to the green culture, by minimizing their carbon footprint and expanding renewable energy use in Jordan. When the students visit JRES headquarters they are introduced to solar cooking by learning about solar box cookers, and how they can avoid using firewood, and cutting the remaining trees. Read more of their plans at Jordanian Renewable Energy Society Solar Cooking Activities, Fall 2012
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  • August 2006: The Renewable Energy Bureau (REB), a collaboration between the King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau and the University of Jordan, developed a box-type solar cooker for use in Jordan. The cooker was designed to meet several requirements: it had to be simple and safe to assemble, install and operate; it had to be economical yet durable; and it had to be efficient enough to cook 15 kilograms of meat in a few hours. The cooker has three panes of glazing, each separated by 6mm air spaces. The innermost pane is low-emissive, reducing heat loss from the cooking chamber. The glazing is angled at 30° with respect to the ground, maximizing efficiency at Jordan's latitude. Three stainless steel reflectors - two stationary and one adjustable - increase light reaching the cooking chamber. The inside of the cooking chamber is aluminum, while the external walls of the cooker are galvanized steel. The cooker is insulated with a type of rock wool used in conventional gas ovens. REB has also undertaken an off-the-grid guest house project, and solar cookers are expected to play a significant role in meeting its energy needs.

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