Solar Cooking
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The Jose Sol solar oven consists of an insulated box with a double glazed cover that is slightly incline to prevent the accumulation of rainwater. There is a opening at the rear to allow access to the oven. The collector is attached to the multi-reflector by two metal bars that rest on the glass supports. The base has four small wheels that make it easier to orient the reflector towards the sun. On sunny days the temperature fluctuates between 120 - 180 °C (248 - 356 °F). This model has been designed to work beneath an Equatorial sun. At this latitude it is important that cooker is able to follow the sun's trajectory from sunrise to the zenith. So far this cooker has only be produced for demonstration purposes. It is possible to produce commercially for 100 $US per unit.


  • Corrugated cardboard for insulation (cardboard box)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Two panes of glass (over the box)
  • Metal supports to keep the glass in place
  • Two metal bars to support the reflector

The reflector is made of corrugated cardboard covered in aluminium foil. The cardboard can be substituted by plastic in humid environments.



  • Box: 50 cm. x 40 cm. x 25 cm (front) and 30 cm (rear).
  • Reflector: 2 sections of 35 cm x 35 cm and 3 of 35 cm x 50 cm.


See Rodrigo Carpio.