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Joshua Guinto lives in the city of Daet located in Camarines Norte, Philippines. He has been involved with solar cooking since the year 2000. He began teaching solar cooking in 2004 and had taught 100 people by 2014, using both solar box cookers and parabolic solar cookers.


Solar dryer from recycled glass, Joshua Guinto, 7-16

A solar dryer fashioned from recycled windows and doors. Photo credit: Joshua Guinto

Joshua Guinto solar dryer, bio-char diagram, 12-11-14

Diagram showing the role the solar dryer plays in helping produce dried fruits, vegetables, and briquettes for fuel-efficient cookstoves.

  • November 2014: Joshua has mentioned he is looking for input from individuals or organizations experienced in food processing, nutrition, and engineering.



Joshua Guinto
Cleofe Ecology Subdivision
Daet, Camarines Norte 4600

Tel: +63 998 545 765


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