The Journal of Solar Energy Engineering - Including Wind Energy and Building Energy Conservation - publishes Research Papers that contain original work of permanent interest in all areas of solar energy and energy conservation as well as discussions of policy and regulatory issues that affect renewable energy technologies and their implementation. Papers that do not include original work but nonetheless present quality analysis or incremental improvements to past work may be published as Technical Briefs. Review papers are accepted but should be discussed with the Editor prior to submittal. The Journal also publishes a section called Solar Scenery that features photographs or graphical displays of significant new installations or research facilities." (Journal website )

The journal is published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).


"Fundamentals, solar optics, solar collectors, solar thermal power, photovoltaic, solar chemistry and bioconversion, solar space applications, wind energy, heating and cooling, energy storage, testing and measurement, conservation and solar buildings, emerging technologies, and energy policy." (Journal website )

Publication DataEdit

  • Frequency: quarterly
  • Available online: yes
  • Accepts digital submissions: yes


Email: Gilles Flament (editor):

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