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The Sunflair solar cooker

G'day, I'm Kate Rowland, I've been distributing Sunflair solar ovens around Australia and New Zealand for around 3 years. I have now started Kate's Solar Kitchen YouTube channel where I will be showcasing and teaching all how to solar cook.

There is also an open solar cooking Facebook recipe sharing group, which is open for all solar cooking advocates to join.

I will publish my own cookbook in 2017. This will feature cooking vegan and vegetarian recipes and local cuisines from around the world in a variety of solar ovens,

The next project is in Vanuatu where I will be teaching and distributing Sunflair solar ovens to the community of Tanna. A Givealittle page is running to help the people of Vanuatu start up their own micro-business of drying fruit with the help of Fruit of the Pacific.

The future is looking sunny!! :-)

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