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Benjamin Kegels cooking in Burkina Faso

The objective of Kera Energy is to help the development of solar cooking and support the success of its ownership in Africa. This is a job that requires significant partnerships with local stakeholders in raising awareness, support, and manufacturing.

Kera Energy belives that solar cookers should be tailored to the energy needs of users, but also their culinary habits. To accomplish this, it's necessary to identify the needs, customs, and traditions of the areas where solar cookers are being deployed. Each situation requires a different approach depending on the issues and energy alternatives available on site.

Audio and video[edit | edit source]

  • December 2017: 

A les trésors des millenaires-0

Le trésor des millénaires se veut être un documentaire de promotion de la cuisson solaire pour le bien de l'humanité .

Current Projects[edit | edit source]

Kera Energy solar cooking in Burkina Faso.

Installing solar cookers Burkina Faso in 2013.

The Solario solar cooker

Kera Energy encourages and supports local manufacture of solar cookers, working with the understanding that development of an autonomous market is essential to ensuring perenity and development of solar cooking over time. Local businesses have the knowledge and skills to achieve this goal.

Kera Energy is working in Burkina Faso on the opening of a factory manufacturing solar cookers. The objective is to locally manufacture different models of solar cookers and products for in a sustainable way. The plant will create ten jobs on site and will ensure development of products closer to the needs of local populations. Support for 900 families and 100 schools project is being implemented with partners: On the Track, Codegaz, Energy News, APV, and ASIENA. Kera Energy proposes to support the NGOs, foundations, institutions, and businesses through consultancy services in their development of alternative energies.

Audio and video[edit | edit source]

  • December 2017: 

A les trésors des millenaires

Le trésor des millénaires se veut être un documentaire de promotion de la cuisson solaire pour le bien de l'humanité .

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