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Keshav Srushti is a nonprofit organization located in Bhayander, India. It is being developed as a hub of diverse social service projects within an integrated development. The organization wishes to fulfill the vision of founder Dr.Hedgewar, that of a self-reliant, proud and strong Bharat. Part of their mission is to promote solar cooking, particularly with adolescent students.

5,760 students participated in a solar cooking event on January 12, 2016 in Aurangabad as part of Maha Suryakumbh 2016 organized by Keshav Srushti. Photo credit: Keshav Srushti

Keshav Srushti is taking over the organization of the festival, Maha Surya Kumbh, specifically addressing solar energy. Children attend workshops to learn about solar cooking and make their own simple panel solar cookers. As of January 2016, over 80,000 students have attended workshops, the largest of which was held in January 2016 with 5,760 students. Suryakumbh was originally conceived by Vivek Kabra.


  • February 2017: SuryaKumbh festival again sets record - Vivek Kabra reports: "On 11 Feb, 2017, 7,500 school children created history by participating in the World's Largest Solar Cooking Festival. Trained by 400 trainers and guided by 150 supervisors, each one of them made their own solar cooker and cooked noodles in it. Having experienced the power of the sun first hand, each child took the SuryaKumbh solar cooker back home to share the magic of cooking without fuel." More information...

Aerial view of the 7,500 school children learning the basics of solar cooking at SuraKumbh 2017 - Photo credit: Vivek Kabra

  • January 2016: A record-setting 5,760 students participated in a solar cooking event on January 12, 2016 in Aurangabad as part of Maha Suryakumbh 2016 organized by Keshav Srushti. Read more... Video of event...

Maha Suryakumbh 2016

Photo credit: Keshav Srushti

Maha Suryakumbh 2016

Photo credit: Keshav Srushti

Maha Suryakumbh 2016

Photo credit: Keshav Srushti

Maha Suryakumbh 2016

Photo credit: Keshav Srushti

  • January 2016: Keshav Srushti continues its extensive efforts to promote solar cooking in India. On January 24th, after this year's Maha SuryaKumbh, they will be opening an educational energy park in Uttan, a coastal town north of Mumbai. It will house an array of solar devices, including solar dryers and solar cookers. More information...
  • January 2016: Keshav Srushti has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money to set a Guinness World Record on January 12, 2016 for the largest number of people solar cooking in one place.

Students participating in Maha Suryakumbh 2016. Photo credit: Keshav Srushti

  • December 2015: Keshav Srushti reports that they have engaged 50,000 students in solar cooking towards their goal of 100,000 by the end of January 2016.

Maha Suryakumbh 2016 begins in October 2015

  • December 2015: ‎Maha SuryaKumbh 2016 began in October 2015, celebrating Dr. Kalam Ko Pranam's birthday. The goal for this year's festival is to reach 100,000 participants according to the festival organizer, Keshav Srushti. In order to reach this many people they realized they had to spread the festival out over four months, beginning with over 7000 students in tribal regions. Like last year, the main gathering will happen in January 2016. Read more...

Thousands of students gather in Mumbai, India for a record-breaking solar cooking event.

  • January 2015: 15,000 students in Mumbai solar cook and set world-record - 15,000 students from 80 schools in Mumbai, India set a new world-record for the largest ever solar cooking gathering organized by Keshav Srushti. Each student was given a solar cooker and taught how to use it as part of a national campaign to spread awareness of the importance of solar technology. C Vidyasagar Rao, governor of Maharashtra and Ashish Shelar, minister of state, Power, Coal & New Renewable Energy, attended the record-setting gathering. Read more at: Over 15,000 students create a new world-record in solar cooking
  • January 2015: Annual Maha Surya Kumbh reaches for a lofty goal - The Bhayander based NGO, Keshav Srushti, is committed to spreading awareness of solar cooking. Under the banner of Maha SuryaKumba, they will be gathering students from 500 schools across Mumbai in Bhayander,India, and then will be taking the festival to remote tribal villages. Hoping this year reach the magic number of 100,000 solar-powered prepared meals! Keshav Srushti has been accredited by the Guinness Book of World Records for having conducted the largest solar oven cooking class in January 2014 with 3,639 participants from 62 schools. The new goal of reaching so many students from remote areas will require financial support beyond the means of Keshav Srushti. Please contact Keshav Srushti If you can help, it will be appreciated. The NGO has announced there will now be an annual Maha SuryaKumba held on January 15th. More information...
  • August 2014: The next Maha Surya Kumbh is planned for January 2015 near the Keshav Srushti headquarters in Bhayander, with a planned attendance of 25,000 students.

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