Solar Cooking
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It was Andreas Fasoulides and I, Kyriakos Antoniou's idea to create the low-tech workshop called Re-newcy. The dramatic negative climate changes on our planet and the our personal concerning about the future of our children are the motives of creating the Re-new workshop in Cyprus.

Working with the renewable energy sources like the Sun, Wind, Biogass, etc we offer popular technology for everyone who likes to reduce the CO2 emissions in the natural environment.

We offer Solar Cookers in cost prices so to reach all the people who want to use the heat from the Sun for cooking their meals. Also we organise workshops for schools were the students learn how to make their own Solar Cooker.


World Environment day and ecologists Cook and ... propose chicken potatoes in the Sun The technology based on the shiny surfaces of oven that focus the Sun in specific point. Since the concentration of heat baked dish.

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We have the source and still we are at a distance for the valuable product. The reason for the rich and endless solar radiation of the place, which not used as an alternative format and source of energy for the needs us. This tried yesterday to remind the world with easy and the document Ecologists, organized their activities in the square Rigorist facetious in the Centre of Limassol.

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As said spokesman of the ecological movement, ιgoanna Panayiotis, originality in the selection of the georamaυ of the world day The environment can be seen as a simple but important lesson.Epideiknυetui that solar ovens ' exploit ' solar energy and bake our food without special effort, costs, or effects on the environment. THE technology is based on the shiny surfaces, mirrors or alloyingοCharta, focusing the Sun there.

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There the concentration of heat baked dish. Yesterday the ' solar ' menu environmentalists included everything from rice, chicken, eggs, potatoes, until sandwiches that some of the materials prepared in solar ovens.

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For the cooking of meat in the Sun with the use of solar devices required 2-3 hours and much less time for other dishes. GIANNHS KWSTAKOPOYLOS Article code: 798316 Politis-06/06/2008, page: 42

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