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La Sazón del Sol is interested in making the use of solar energy part of daily life by directly supporting ecology, economy, health and autonomy, showing alternatives of food, do-it-yourself construction and designing a variety of clean and healthy food. They have a special focus on solar food drying.

The group produces solar tunnel dryers, ULOG cookers, HotPots, Heat-retention cooking bags, solar flashlight kits, etc. The products can be bought at the Oficina Solar Tlacochahuaya, at various events of Cocina Solar Mexico, and in some shops in Oaxaca. Most products are produced by Victoria Aguilera. The solar dryers and the workshop are located at the Oficina Solar Tlacochahuaya in a small village near Oaxaca. Michael Götz and Lorena Harp are also involved.

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Tel: +52 9511773440
Facebook: La sazón del sol-Solar Súper Foods

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