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Victoria, founder of La sazón del sol-Solar SuperFoods

The production location of La sazón del sol-Solar SuperFoods in Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaca, Mexico

In the small village of Tlacochahuaya, Mexico we met Victoria, the founder of La sazón del sol-Solar SuperFoods. Her dream? To make solar energy an integral part of the local daily life through food, economy and health!

In this training center dedicated to women, she transmits her passion for solar cooking. From the construction of an oven-dehydrator to cooking, pasteurization and solar conservation! A way to strengthen the autonomy and social ties in the community.

We enter her kitchen, which looks like a delicious laboratory of culinary creation: bubbling jars of ginger beer, jars of lactofermented vegetables, dehydrated fruit and spice powder. A real treat for the eyes, the taste buds...and the microbiota!

As you guess, we couldn't resist stealing a few recipes from her and testing these zero-waste preservation techniques on board! We agree, it looks delicious right?

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La sazón del Sol-Solar SuperFoods
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