Solar Cooking
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The Lazola 3 solar box cooker

The Lazola 3 solar box cooker is promoted by the Lazola-Initiative zur Verbreitung solaren Kochens e.V., which offers detailed plans for how to manufacture this waterproof, well-built solar cooker.

The LAZOLA has many advantages compared to other box cookers. As it is a full metal cooker it is extremely durable and dimensionally stable.

The inner walls are shiny, only the aluminum ground plate is painted black. This causes that the food in the pot is heated bottom-up, like on a regular stove. The cooker even cooks with shiny pots, although black pots cook faster.


Lazola 3.png

The Lazola 3 was developed as a successor to the Lazola 3.T. This new has very much the positive features of its predecessor, but it is much cheaper and can be made by hand anywhere.


  • Most parts are of 0.5 and 1.0 mm galvanized sheet metal which is less expensive and better available than aluminum.
  • The hot plate is of 4 mm anodized sheet aluminium. Neither cutting nor coating can be done by hand. Therefore this part has to be supplied.
  • Like with the Lazola 2, the two frames that keep the heat inside the cooker have to be made of wood. The parts that are painted are of wood as well.

The Reflector is covered with highly reflecting polyester foil.

  • For the glass cover ordinary 4 mm sheet glass is used that is available almost everywhere.
  • For insulating the cooker we use rock wool, which will not be available in most hot countries. Then hay or straw are recommended. Special jigs and tricks allow putting it in densely.
  • All small parts (like pop rivets, screws and bolts) are specified in the Workbook containing background-Information.

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