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Lernen - Helfen - Leben e.V. (LHL) is politically and religiously independent. The association was founded in 1988 by returnees of the DED (Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst, i.e. German German Development Service), and it initially launched several small projects in Ghana.

These last years the range of activities and the number of countries in which LHL promotes projects, has increased. Themes are the support of schools, forest conservation, reforestation, organic farming, composting, drip irrigation, fuel wood saving stoves, solar energy (photovoltaics, training in the small-scale production of solar lamps, solar dryers), village development, building of toilets, low-cost housing using PET-bottles, awareness-raising projects in Germany (for students, teachers and evening universities).

Of particular significance is our CDM fuelwood saving stove project in Nigeria, the first of its kind world-wide, which is being realized in conjunction with the Developmental Association for Renewable Energies (DARE) and the German carbon offset company Atmosfair gGmbH. The project is registered by the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) under N° 2711 and also by the Gold Standard Organisation (a quality label for climate protection projects) under N° 415.

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  • March 2022: Bernhard Müller has informed us that Ms. Ingelore Kahrens has taken his seat on the Lernen - Helfen - Leben board, as she continues with the Fireless Cookers programme. She already leads a number of large programmes in Kiini (Mount Kenya) and Marimanti covering Solar Cookers, Solar Dryers, Fireless Cookers, Biochar and Permaculture.
  • November 2020: Hunger Aid Uganda - organized by Lernen - Helfen - Leben e.V. - The project is part of Hunger Aid Africa, which after a year in planning, began implementation this November. The main focus of the program is the reduction of fuel costs, leaving more resources for food, and also the reduction of exposure to toxic emissions. The project will be administered with help from Esther Nattabi. They will distribute solar cooking equipment and bio-mass briquettes for fuel. Read more detail of the project at: Hunger Aid Uganda, a project by Lernen Helfen Leben. You may also donate here.
  • March 2018: AfriShiners workshop coming in June - Hosted by the Giving Hope Foundation, will be the 2nd international workshop on clean cooking and food processing. The event organizer and Lernen - Helfen - Leben e.V. board member, Bernhard Müller, will be on hand with the Baba Moto improved combustion stove, and will be speaking on energy management. He can be reached at Faustine Odaba leads a workshop on fireless cookers. Visit to a local solar stove testing facility. Preliminary Program information...
  • April 2016: The members of Lernen - Helfen - Leben (LHL) agreed to constitute a solar cooker group to boost the dissemination of solar cooking and solar food processing in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Madagascar, and Uganda. Members of this group are the long-time solar cooker promoters Ingelore Kahrens and Bernhard Müller.

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