File:Bolivia-Inti blue box cookers.jpgFile:Bolivia-Inti blue box cookers cropped.jpgFile:Bolivia-inti-2005.png
File:Bolivia-inti2-hr.jpgFile:Bolivia Inti logo, 12-14-17.pngFile:Bolivia cookers.jpg
File:Bonnie and assistant.jpgFile:Bonzabuy Headers Address new.jpgFile:Book Cooking with the Sun.gif
File:Book Solar Cooking A Primer Cookbook.gifFile:Border Partners logo.jpgFile:Border Partners middle-school-cookers 2012ish.jpg
File:Borma broken water pot.jpgFile:Borma plastic lid.jpgFile:Borma trimming pot edge.jpg
File:Botswana map.pngFile:Bottle thermos on reflector.jpgFile:Boulangerie Solaire JTA 11.12.14
File:Bowl2.jpgFile:Box-type.jpgFile:Box Cooker Principles Figure 01.gif
File:Box Cooker Principles Figure 02.gifFile:Box Cooker Principles Figure 03.gifFile:Box Cooker Principles Figure 04.gif
File:Box Cooker Principles Figure 05.gifFile:Box Cooker Principles Figure 06.gifFile:Box Cooker Principles Figure 07.gif
File:Box Cooker Principles Figure 08.gifFile:Box Cooker Principles Figure 09.gifFile:Box Cooker Principles Figure 10.gif
File:Box Type and Panel Type Solar Cookers Which can be Used as Cartons to Contain the Emergency Stuffs Christian.pdfFile:Box cooker.jpgFile:Box cooker as a food dryer.jpg
File:Box cooker cooking, ADES, 11-29-17.pdfFile:Box cooker cooking, ADES, 11-29-17.pngFile:Box cooker grid.jpg
File:Box cooker in Mali.jpgFile:Box cooker in the Alps.jpgFile:Box cooker plans Malagasy.pdf
File:Box pot rays.gifFile:Box window.gifFile:Boxcooker.JPG
File:Boxsolarcooker.JPGFile:Boy with Booix cookers, 8-5-16.pngFile:Bozina-komatina.jpg
File:Braced Mali1.jpegFile:Bradley Reciprocal Optical Test for Measuring Solar Cooker PerformanceFile:Brazil August insolation.jpg
File:Brazil hits 2007.jpgFile:Brazilian scavengers.jpgFile:Bread.jpg
File:Bread browns.jpgFile:Breadfruit and solar cooker in 40 secondsFile:Breadfruit cooked in a solar cooker
File:Breadfruit in the solar cookerFile:BreakPotato.JPGFile:Brianface.jpg
File:Bright and Sunny.jpgFile:Briquette press 2010.jpgFile:British embasy Mexico1.jpg
File:Brochure of Asia Regional Workshop-1-.pdfFile:Bruzzlr-photongrill-set-up 2015.gifFile:Bubble Cookit, front view, 11-19-12.jpg
File:Bubble Cookit, side view, 11-19-12 .jpgFile:Bubble Cookit, with wind screen, 11-19-12.jpgFile:Budd Mackenzie photo.jpg
File:BudodiStella small.jpgFile:Build.pngFile:Build A Rocket Stove, Step-By-Step
File:Build a cooker.pngFile:Build a cooker2.pngFile:Build a cooker b.png
File:Build a cooker b2.pngFile:Building-of-solar-cooker-in-morocco.JPGFile:Building Integrated Fixed Nonimaging CPC-type Studies 10-2012.pdf
File:Building integrated fixed reflector scoop griddle.jpgFile:Building shell inner box.jpgFile:Building size fixed reflector CPC Troughs and Bowls for Food Processing Facilities Joel Goodman (January 2009).pdf
File:Building the Industry Together Seim.pdfFile:Built-in solar oven inside open1.jpgFile:Built in solar oven.jpg
File:Bulgaria-geographic map-en.svg.pngFile:Bunker Roy Learning from a barefoot movementFile:Business Proposal Clement Musonda, 12-12-14.pdf
File:Business card art.jpgFile:Busobozi Tegras 2015.jpgFile:Butterfly Cooker1.jpg
File:Buy.pngFile:Buy a DK rocket stove for sale.JPGFile:Buy a cooker.png
File:Buy a cooker2.pngFile:Buy a cooker b.pngFile:Buy a cooker b2.png
File:Bygg en Solovnpdf.pdfFile:C.V. Ramen College of Engineering soalr relfector development, 9-9-14.jpgFile:C. Palaniappan food drying 2006.j-pg.jpg
File:CAEDZ logo.jpgFile:CAMILY food tasting photo.jpgFile:CARE Germany Solar Furnace in Chad Solaröfen für Tschad
File:CASEP Lessons Learned.pdfFile:CASEP solar box oven user in Guatamala, 5-21-15.pngFile:CATASSOL, Assando pão no Forno Solar
File:CATASSOL COLOSSAL, LançamentoFile:CATASSOL automatizado 1File:CA agriculture day1.jpg
File:CA agriculture day2.jpgFile:CAsunlight 0012.jpgFile:CAsunlight 0022.jpg
File:CDDF & Sunlife student training in Ghana, 2-16.pngFile:CDDF & Sunlife student training in Ghana, 2-16 cropped.pngFile:CEAS drying 2016.jpg
File:CEAT April 2015.jpgFile:CECAM Bolivia March 2015.jpgFile:CECAM Bolivia stoves.jpg
File:CECAM logo.jpgFile:CECAM participant with solar oven.jpgFile:CECAM solar cooker construction.jpg
File:CECAM solar cooking workshop.jpgFile:CECAM solar oven demonstration.jpgFile:CEDESOL, Cocapata, 9-4-13.jpg
File:CEDESOL-Lasting Impacts.pdfFile:CEDESOL- Hausa Rancho 2-11.jpg .jpgFile:CEDESOL - Changing Lives In Rural Bolivia
File:CEDESOL 2007 1.JPGFile:CEDESOL 2009 participants.jpgFile:CEDESOL Bolivia 2007.jpg
File:CEDESOL Cochabamba 10-10.jpgFile:CEDESOL logo, 5-12-14.jpgFile:CEDESOL rockit stoves in Bolivia, 12-21-12.jpg
File:CEDESOL training photo 1.jpgFile:CEES Explaining different types of solar ovens.jpgFile:CEES Explaining the different types of solar ovens.jpg
File:CEES Solar lunch being served.jpgFile:CENTRE DE DEVELOPEMENT DISADISA -ASBL, 5-17-16.pdfFile:CESweblogo.jpg
File:CEUTA February 2007.jpgFile:CFP-2.pdfFile:CF ParvatiSunplicityFunnel.jpeg
File:CHOCOSOL- An experience of producing joy without generating malice - Aline Desentis Otálora (January 2009).pdfFile:CHOCOSOL cooker.jpgFile:CLIQUE SOLAR DISH
File:CONSOLFOOD2016.pdfFile:CONSOLFOOD2020 logo, 2-24-19.jpgFile:CONSOLFOOD2020 logo, 2-24-19.pdf
File:CONSOLFOOD 2018 - Impressions from the University YardFile:CONSOLFOOD 2018 - Impressions from the University Yard-0File:CONSOLFOOD 2018 logo.jpg
File:CONSOLFOOD 2018 promo photo, ''Photo credit-CONSOLFOOD'' .pngFile:CONSOLFOOD 2018a.jpgFile:CONSOL FOOD logo, 11-16-16.png
File:COOKERBO2015.pdfFile:COOKUP 200.jpgFile:CORD January 2016.jpg
File:CORUPLAS A4 REV.pdfFile:CPC solar cooker kitchen in BIETR atrium hotel study.pdfFile:CSR Initiative Dubai 2016.jpg
File:CST and Solar Cooker Excellence Award 2016File:CSW Clean Cooking for Sustainable Development flier.pdfFile:CTEK.mxs7000.rend.jpg
File:CTI cooker diagrams.jpgFile:CUISEUR SOLAIRE LUKASA III.jpgFile:Ca-map.png
File:Caicai Wu demonstates stir fry, 7-25-13.jpgFile:Caitlyn 2017 slides.pdfFile:Caitlyn Hughes - Solar Cooking Adoption and Impact Survey
File:Caitlyn Hughes 2015.jpgFile:Caitlyn Hughes Solar Cooking Adoption and Impact SurveyFile:Cajas térmicas - Cocinando con el Sol
File:Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Solar Cooker ResearchFile:Cal Poly Solar mold with fiberglass.jpgFile:Calentador solar de aire 2
File:California Sunlight inflatable solar cooker, 12-29-14.pngFile:California sunlight oven.jpgFile:Calitzdorp Solar Cooker Introduction
File:Calitzdorp Solar Cooker Introduction-0File:Calitzdorp Solar Cookers facility, 6-19-17.pngFile:Calitzdorp Solar Cookers workshop, 6-19-17.png
File:Calvin Griggs - Arizona Republic..jpgFile:Cambodia map.pngFile:Camily Wedende1.jpg
File:Camily Wedende2.jpgFile:Camily Wedende3.jpgFile:Camily Wedende 2009.jpg
File:Camily Wedende October 2013.jpgFile:Camily Wedende at Rotory event, 6-1-16.pngFile:Camily Wedende leads trainer training, 4-30-16.png
File:Camping.JPGFile:Candles Can Cause Fire.pngFile:Canelo de Nos 2012.jpg
File:Canelo de Nos in El Salvador, 11-30-16.pngFile:Canelo de Nos in El Salvador, 11-30-16c.pngFile:Canning.jpg
File:Canning Doug Edwards.jpgFile:Canning Fruits with a Solar Box Cooker (Farsi).pdfFile:Cantina West Reflectix cooker 3.jpg
File:Cantinia West Reflectix cooker 2.jpgFile:Capital One banner.jpgFile:Capitol-solarcooking.jpg
File:Capture 02022012 091635.jpgFile:Capturing-heat-one.pdfFile:Capturing Heat - Aprovecho.jpg
File:Car and truck size windshield shade cookers.jpgFile:Carbon-Free Home cover.jpgFile:Cardboard-backed dish.jpg
File:Cardboard parabola plans.jpgFile:Care and Support Network November 2012-1.jpgFile:Care and Support Network November 2012b.jpg
File:Carl Peters.jpgFile:Carlos patricio Eyquem solar oven Chile, 3-19-13.jpgFile:Carnary Project Cape Town photo.jpg
File:Casamansun EnR 2010.pdfFile:Castanha em forno solarFile:Catalogue solaire FR.pdf
File:Catassol Solar Oven open for cook pot, 5-1-13.jpgFile:Catholic Church incorporates solar, 12-14-18.pngFile:Catina West Reflectix cooker 1.jpg
File:Catlin Powers July 2014.jpgFile:Catlin Powers of One Earth Designs - 2012 St Andrews Prize for the EnvironmentFile:Catlin Powers of One Earth Designs On Solar Power & Solar Cooker
File:Catlin powers2 04-16.jpgFile:Catlin powers 04-16.pngFile:Cebolllitas 046.jpg
File:Cecam BoliviaFile:Celestino Lecture 8th August 2013-1-.pdfFile:Celestino Ruivo - User acceptance of solar cookers the case of funnel concrete cooker
File:Celestino Ruivo July 2014.jpgFile:Celestino Ruivo November 2007.jpgFile:Celestino Ruivo poster.pdf
File:Celestino Ruivo update, 1-13.pdfFile:Celestino Ruivo wall oven inside 2012.jpgFile:Celestino Ruivo wall oven ourside 2012.jpg
File:Celestino Solar Funnel Cooker.jpgFile:Center.JPGFile:Center16.JPG
File:Center for Rural Technology, Nepal demonstartion, 2-9-1.jpgFile:CentralValleySolarCookers.gifFile:Central African Republic .png
File:Central Valley Solar Cookers 2011 June festival, 11-19-12.jpgFile:Centre loisir-August 2015.jpgFile:ChadMap2009.jpg
File:Chad 2010 Karyn Ellis safe water.jpgFile:Chad Jewish World Watch project - Version 2.jpgFile:Chad anchoring CooKit to withstand the wind.jpg
File:Chad refugee camp with CooKits, 12-28-16.pngFile:Chair base windshield cooker, 5-31-17.jpgFile:Chalker Future technology challenge addressing the past and present
File:Challenges in Promoting Solar Cookers in India - CONSOLFOOD 2018 - Neha Mehta, et al.pdfFile:Chandak Development of Universal Standards for Solar Cookers for Use at Test CentersFile:Chandak Specific solar cooker criteria for prospective users or buyers
File:Charcoal burn pile prep.jpgFile:Charcoal production.jpgFile:Charcoal production2.jpg
File:Charcoal production in Africa.jpgFile:Chari solar trough cooker 3-2013File:Chari trough cooker 1.jpg
File:Chari trough cooker 2.jpgFile:Chari trough cooker 4.jpgFile:Charity Navigator 4 star.jpg
File:Charles Onyango Oloo.jpgFile:Charley Cross photo example 1.jpgFile:Charley Cross photo example 2.jpg
File:Checking CooKits.jpgFile:Checking CooKits 13.jpgFile:Checking food @ TanzSolar
File:Cheeseburgerpie.jpgFile:Chef Tess Bakeress - Pork bbq.jpgFile:ChenXiaofu.jpg
File:ChenXiaofu small.jpgFile:Chennai school 1.JPGFile:Cherly Kennedy, Advanced Reflective Materials, 3-19-13.pdf
File:Chernobyl moss.jpgFile:Chiapas conferencia en linea.jpgFile:Chiapas solar logo.png
File:Chicken & veggie skewersFile:ChienjoDinah 2005.jpgFile:ChienjoDinah small.jpg
File:Children's reaction after Solar cooking for the first time @ SuryaKumbhFile:Chile's Solar RestaurantFile:Chile's Solar Restaurant "Solar cuisine" -Panasonic ecoideasnet
File:Chile box cookers, Guai Bao, 1-14-14.jpgFile:Chile box cookers 2, Guai Bao, 1-14-14.jpgFile:Chile neighbors1.jpg
File:Chilean restaurant prepares food with solar ovensFile:Chimney solar dryer.jpgFile:China-cdm solar cooking project paper(2013-01).pdf
File:China-cdm solar cooking project paper(2014-02)final.pdfFile:China - Accelerating Household Access to Clean Cooking and Heating - World Bank - September 2013.pdfFile:China august 2008 concrete cooker.jpg
File:China hits 2007.jpgFile:ChocolateChipCookies.wmvFile:Chocosol Fuego solar.jpg
File:Christmas solar cooker alSol.jpgFile:Cinnamon rolls1.jpgFile:Citizens For Solar logo.jpg
File:Citizens for Solar.jpgFile:Citizens for Solar November 2016.jpgFile:Clam cuts template.jpg
File:Clara Thomas.jpgFile:Clara Thomas Granada 2006.jpgFile:Claudia sansone1.jpeg
File:Claudia sansone2.jpegFile:Claudia sansone3.jpegFile:Clean Cooking Forum - Nairobi 2019.jpg
File:Clean Cooking Forum 2015.jpgFile:Clean Cooking Stoves for Vietnamese farmers - November 2012File:Clean Green cooker construction plans.pdf
File:Clean Maya Cookstove.jpgFile:Clean cookstove 2.jpgFile:Clean tray with eggs1.jpg
File:Clear casserole cover photo, 7-11.jpgFile:Clear lid vs black lid with bag - Teong Tan.jpgFile:Clement.jpg
File:Clement Mosonda with the Heliac solar cooker, 5-8-18.pngFile:Clement Musonda - Zambia 2014.jpgFile:Clement Musonda - Zimbabwe April 2016.jpg
File:Clement Musonda 2014.jpgFile:Clement Musonda Heliac style solar cooker, 9-20-17 .pngFile:Clement Musonda photo, 10-2-14.png
File:Climate Healers logo.jpgFile:Climate Healers parabolic cooker with PV panel.jpg
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