File:Clear casserole cover photo, 7-11.jpgFile:Clear lid vs black lid with bag - Teong Tan.jpgFile:Clement.jpg
File:Clement Mosonda with the Heliac solar cooker, 5-8-18.pngFile:Clement Musonda - Zambia 2014.jpgFile:Clement Musonda - Zimbabwe April 2016.jpg
File:Clement Musonda 2014.jpgFile:Clement Musonda Heliac style solar cooker, 9-20-17 .pngFile:Clement Musonda photo, 10-2-14.png
File:Climate Healers logo.jpgFile:Climate Healers parabolic cooker with PV panel.jpgFile:Climate Healers roti baking in India.jpg
File:Climate Protection and Overcoming Poverty Traps (Spanish).pdfFile:Clique-Solar-Brochure.pdfFile:Clique Solar ARUN installation, Mahrashtra, 11-1-16.png
File:Clique Solar logo, 11-1-16.pngFile:Cloche still 1.jpgFile:Cloche still 2.jpg
File:Cloche still 4.jpgFile:Cloche still 5.jpgFile:Clock1.gif
File:Clock based dripper tracker demo.File:Clocktracker600.jpgFile:Close up of mirror mosaic parabolic cooker.jpg
File:Closeup of Audrey's cooker.jpgFile:Closeupofrear.JPGFile:Clothes Pin.jpg
File:Club RESC-UE poster.jpgFile:Club Rotario Torreón Centenario March 2015.jpgFile:Co2balance.jpg
File:Coated-and-non-coated-fixed-cooker.jpgFile:Cob Solar Box Cooker, base formation, 2-18-14.jpgFile:Cob Solar cooker Making the form
File:Cob solar oven 1.jpgFile:Cob solar oven presentation.pdfFile:Coba fresnel01.JPG
File:Coc iznajar 059.jpgFile:Cocina SolarFile:Cocina Solar, alternativa energética sustentable - Sosa.png
File:Cocina Solar Mexico 2013.jpgFile:Cocina Solar Mexico December 2015.jpgFile:Cocina Solar Parabólica Plegable 2.JPG
File:Cocina Solar Parabólica de Cartón por Autoconstrucción.pdfFile:Cocina Solar Portatil xCRUZA - Diseño IndustrialFile:Cocina Solar Web graphic, 12-3-15.png
File:Cocina Solar Web logo, 12-3-15.pngFile:Cocina Solar simple 2.jpgFile:Cocina Solar workshop, 11-30-15.png
File:Cocina con el Sol logo, 7-6-17.pngFile:Cocina solar.pdfFile:Cocina solar alSol 1.4 en expo Premio Diseño para Reciclaje
File:Cocina solar booix montajeFile:Cocina solar con Nóbel de la Paz, Valencia, GreenpeaceFile:Cocina solar de SAN ANDRES, México
File:Cocina solar de la UTL PROCESOS DE PRODUCCIONFile:Cocina solar parabolica cookup inoxFile:Cocina solar simple 1.jpg
File:Cocina y horno solar en Escuela Albergue de SaltaFile:Cocinando al solFile:Cocinando con el Sol 2008.jpg
File:Cocinando con el sol - 10 de abrilFile:Cocinando con el sol paraguayo - Chipaguazu solarFile:Cocinar al sol
File:Cocinar con frascos. Visita Reina.jpgFile:Cocinas Solares.jpgFile:Cocinas Solares CSELI44 y CSELI56.jpg
File:Cocinas Solares en San Pedro de Atacama Chile.-File:Cocinas Solares y Cambio Climático.jpgFile:Cocinas solares.pdf
File:Cocinas solares - alternativa enerética para el medio rural - Sosa.pngFile:Cocinas solares de villasecaFile:Colgans Island Stoveworks logo.jpg
File:Collado calentador 046.jpgFile:Collapsible-high-reflective-cooker.jpgFile:Collapsible.jpg
File:Collapsible Parabolic Cooker plans English.pdfFile:Collapsible parablic cooker (cocina parabólica plegable).pdfFile:Collares-Pereira-Faro 2016.pdf
File:Collares-Pereira Faro 2016..pdfFile:Collecting Fuelwood in Guatemala.jpgFile:Color cover BIG.jpg
File:Come Visit the Calgary EcoHomeFile:Communicating Decentralised Renewable Energy to Financiers and Senior Policymakers - George Marshall, et al - February 2018.pdfFile:Community Solar Cooker for schools and security services
File:Community Solar Cookers consumer.pdfFile:Community box cooker 2018 - Ashwani Dhiman.jpgFile:Como Construir un Horno Solar!
File:Como construir un horno solar para cocinar.pdfFile:Como construir una cocina solar de cajaFile:Compacta Easy Solar Stove One.jpg
File:Compacta Easy Solar Stove Three.jpgFile:Compacta Easy Solar Stove Two.jpgFile:Comparison of fuelwood consumption - Dieter Siefert - April 2017.jpg
File:Complete Solar Burner 2009.jpgFile:Compound Parabolic Solar Cooker.pdfFile:Concentrated Solar Thermal Integration into Spice Roasting Industry - An Energy Analysis of an Indian Masala Manufacturing Facility - CONSOLFOOD 2018 - Tavish Fenbert, et al.pdf
File:Concentrated Solar Thermal Integration into Spice Roasting Industry - CONSOLFOOD 2018 - Tavish Fenbert.pdfFile:Concentrated rays.jpgFile:Concentrateur solaire parabolique écologique
File:Concurso Sabor Solar 2007.jpgFile:Concurso Sabor Solar 2007.pdfFile:Cone concentrator diagram.jpg
File:Cone method dish.jpgFile:Confection de CooKits en Mali.pdfFile:Congo Clean Cookers February 2017.jpg
File:Congo Clean Cookers February 2017b.jpgFile:Congo Clean Cookers February 2017c.jpgFile:Conical Solar Cooker temperature, 4-13-15.png
File:Consolfood 2016 panel.jpgFile:Consolfood 2016 participants.jpgFile:Construction Details Solcafe-SESI.pdf
File:Construction d'un four solaire le sunstoveFile:Construction diryhands2.jpgFile:Construction of Solar Cookers and Driers - Pro-Agro.jpg
File:Construction of Solar Cookers and Driers - Pro-Agro.pdfFile:Construction of solar cookers and driers - Christelle Souriau & David Amelin.pdfFile:Construction pieces prior to assembly,Multi-Conical Solar, 8-8-13.jpg
File:Continents by colour.pngFile:CooKit-arbitrary-units-v085-compare.pngFile:CooKit-arbitrary-units-v085.pdf
File:CooKit-arbitrary-units-v085.pngFile:CooKit - Galician.pdfFile:CooKit - Jordan Royal Botanic Garden variation.jpg
File:CooKit Acceptance Burkina Faso 2006.pdfFile:CooKit Diagram 48 x 36.pdfFile:CooKit Diagram 48 x 36 tiled.pdf
File:CooKit HD1.jpgFile:CooKit High Back variation.jpgFile:CooKit Italian.pdf
File:CooKit Panel Cooker.jpgFile:CooKit Panel Measurements.gifFile:CooKit Plans detailed Spanish.pdf
File:CooKit Solar Cooker in front of hut.jpgFile:CooKit Windproof.jpgFile:CooKit ar.pdf
File:CooKit booklet luo.pdfFile:CooKit directions.pdfFile:CooKit folded.jpg
File:CooKit folding steps.jpgFile:CooKit french plans.pdfFile:CooKit front flap adj.jpg
File:CooKit handbook cover.jpgFile:CooKit instructions English.pdfFile:CooKit photo Make.jpg
File:CooKit photo reversed.jpgFile:CooKit plans detailed.pdfFile:CooKit trace and cut.jpg
File:CooKit wind protection Iridimi 2007.jpgFile:CooKit woman.JPGFile:CooKits @ Workshop.jpg
File:Cook-n-go folded, 5-14-14.jpgFile:Cook-n-go panel cooker, 5-14-14.jpgFile:CookSack2.jpg
File:Cook Anywhere Under The Sun - On Kickstarter NowFile:Cook Box Cooking Update Plus E-bookFile:Cook all your favorite dishes with a solar cooker SOLARIO COOKER
File:Cook fireless-Narewama2015.pdfFile:Cooker ECMA.jpgFile:Cooker demonstration in China, 8-13-18.png
File:Cooker demonstration in China, 8-13-18 copy.jpgFile:Cooker workshop, Funacion Inti Uma Ecuador, 1, 6-9-16.pngFile:Cooker workshop, Funacion Inti Uma Ecuador, 2, 6-9-16,.png
File:Cookers english BD.pdfFile:Cookie-Rack 01 sm.jpgFile:Cookie-Rack 02.jpg
File:Cooking-with-solar-moroccan-solar-cooker.JPGFile:CookingWithSunCP Virginia Sept 2015.pdfFile:CookingWithSunshine.png
File:Cooking Seminar Flamand.jpgFile:Cooking Traditional African Cornmeal in a Solar Cooker (Filmed in Chad in 2009)File:Cooking Traditional African Cornmeal in a Solar Cooker (Filmed in Chad in 2009)-0
File:Cooking a Yam 12-30-10.wmvFile:Cooking a meal250.jpgFile:Cooking aparatus.jpg
File:Cooking aparatus 2.jpgFile:Cooking aparatus 3.jpgFile:Cooking brown rice
File:Cooking chicken adobo.jpgFile:Cooking factors.jpgFile:Cooking in Sakali Refugee Camp in Darfur
File:Cooking in nicaragua flyer.pdfFile:Cooking tests with the Haines 1 and 2 versus the CooKit and Hot Pot - June 2019.pdfFile:Cooking times.jpg
File:Cooking up a storm250.jpgFile:Cooking up peaceFile:Cooking using solar cooker.JPG
File:Cooking with Phase Change Thermal Storage Chicken Stew! Pete Schwartz, Cal Poly PhysicsFile:Cooking with rays of the sun.pdfFile:Cooking with solar!
File:Cooking with sunFile:Cooking with sunlight Julie Greene TEDxSacramentoFile:Cooking with sunlight Julie Greene TEDxSacramento-0
File:Cooking with the Sun in Vietnam (1)File:Cooking with the Sun in Vietnam (1)-0File:Cooking with the sun (Eritrea)
File:Cooking with two pots at the same timeFile:Cookingpot.JPGFile:Cookingtips.jpg
File:Cookit, putting pot inside.jpgFile:Cookit.pdfFile:Cookit2.gif
File:Cookit3.gifFile:Cookit demo.jpgFile:Cookit front flap adj text.jpg
File:Cookit on grid.jpgFile:Cookit pot rays.gifFile:Cookit production in Malawi.jpg
File:Cookit with woman and children.jpgFile:Cookitcut.jpgFile:Cookits Terre de la Paix Aug 2007.jpg
File:Cooks at Flamand.jpgFile:Cooksack1.jpgFile:Cookstove Fuel Consumption Evaluation Guidelines.pdf
File:Cookstove Research Meeting Agenda.pdfFile:Cookware-post-picture-1 orig.pngFile:Cookware for the All Season Solar Cooker
File:Cool WAPI, North Star Devices, Inc., 12-11-13.jpgFile:Cool WAPI Assembly Instructions 3-04-09.pdfFile:Cool WAPI kit, 1-29-13.jpg
File:Cool Wapi - Bob Nepper January 2013.pdfFile:Copenhagen Mylar 4.jpgFile:Copenhagen Mylar 7.jpg
File:Copenhagen Solar Cooker - Assembly and SetupFile:Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light, Teong Tan variation.jpgFile:Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light - Alternate Base.pdf
File:Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light 008.jpgFile:Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light 014.jpgFile:Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light 016-2.jpg
File:Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light 018.jpgFile:Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light 1.jpgFile:Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light 2.jpg
File:Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light 3.jpgFile:Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light 4.jpgFile:Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light 5.jpg
File:Copenhagen Solar Cooker by A A Saiyed.jpegFile:Copenhagen Solar Cooker image.jpgFile:Copenhagen Solar Cooker variations 11-11.jpg .jpg
File:Copenhagen Teong Tan Variation1.jpgFile:Copenhagen showing reflector positions.jpgFile:Copy of DSC 0606.JPG
File:Copy of DSC 0611.JPGFile:Copy of DSC 0614.JPGFile:Copy of Pascale's Kenya pictures 017.jpg
File:Copy of enabling-garden3.JPGFile:Copy of garden barbecue.JPGFile:Cord Solar Cooker Project- Evaluation-Final-Report-February-2014-External.pdf
File:Cord logo2.pngFile:Cord logo3.pngFile:Corissa and Stacey's cooker.jpg
File:Corn.jpgFile:Cornell Foldable Oven-folded.jpgFile:Cornell poster spring 2013.pdf
File:Cornell poster spring 2013 thumb.pngFile:Cornell students Nicaragua March 2012, 2-11-13.jpgFile:Costa Rica-school lunches, 12-22-12.pdf
File:Costarican school lunch photo, 12-22-12 .jpgFile:Couleurs4.jpgFile:Councellor Opondo with SWP beneficiaries.jpg
File:Country mobile1.pngFile:Cover with a glass.jpgFile:Cover with foil.jpg
File:Cover with newspaper.jpgFile:Cozinha solar 28 Nov2009.pdfFile:Create and Update Your Own Page
File:Creating Programs to Promote Solar Cooking - CONSOLFOOD 2018 - Jennifer L. Gasser, et al.pdfFile:Creperie Solaire.jpgFile:Crockpot-inner-pot.jpg
File:Crosby Menzies 2013.jpgFile:Crossed Mirrors Solar Cooker.pdfFile:Crowd and cookers-slider.jpg
File:Cucina Solare - Tg3File:Cucina a Parabola Quasi Completa 3.jpgFile:Cucinare con il Sole, Ottorino Saccon with children, 1-21-14.jpg
File:Cucinare con il Sole, first solar cooking, 1-21-14.jpgFile:Cucinare con il Sole, villagers with first solar meal, 1-21-14 .jpgFile:Cuiseur Solarie Pliable - Bolivia Inti-Sud Soleil 2018
File:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-1.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-10.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-11.JPG
File:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-12.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-13.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-14.JPG
File:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-15.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-16.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-17.JPG
File:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-2.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-3.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-4.JPG
File:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-5.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-6.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-7.JPG
File:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-8.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Andre-9.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker André (autoconstruction)
File:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-1.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-10.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-11.JPG
File:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-12.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-13.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-14.JPG
File:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-15.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-16.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-2.JPG
File:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-3.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-4.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-5.JPG
File:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-6.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-7.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-8.JPG
File:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot-9.JPGFile:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Margot (autoconstruction)File:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Star, part 1, Construction - Concept de la Cuisson Solaire
File:Cuiseur solaire EuroSolarCooker Star, part 2, Utilisation - Concept de la Cuisson Solaire
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