File:Improved WAPI Final Report.pdfFile:Improvized pot.jpgFile:In-the-ground cooker grid.jpg
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File:Incubation using body temperature.jpgFile:India Oct. 2008.jpgFile:India Solar Radiation Map 2015.jpg
File:India Solar Resource map, 12-3-12.jpgFile:India cooking fire smoke NASA.jpgFile:India history 02-09-16.png
File:India hits 2007.jpgFile:India parabolic chandak.pdfFile:Indialarge.gif
File:Indian Case Study of Bundling of Solar Steam Cooking projects to sell Gold standards Certified Emission Reduction (CER) and Voluntary Emission Reductions(VER) Deepak Gadhia (January 2009).pdfFile:Indian recipients.jpg .jpgFile:Indian sun.jpg
File:Indian women business start-ups, 10-5-16.pngFile:Indonedia fuel use by province 2000.gifFile:Indonesia CDM project, 3-27-13.jpg
File:Indonesia fuel use by province 2012.gifFile:Indonesia map of climate classification.pngFile:IndoorAirPollutionDeathsMap.pdf
File:Indoor Air Polution map-deaths.jpgFile:IndoreUni.jpgFile:Indore Solar Food Processing Network article April 2014.jpg
File:Indresh Solanki October 2013.jpgFile:Industrial scale cooking, Solare Brucke, 6-10-15.pngFile:Infinity Bakery, 3-6-17.png
File:Infinity Bakery being tested, 3-6-17.pngFile:Infographic2014.jpgFile:Informacion curso Agua Segura .pdf
File:Ingelore Kahrens Kenya report, 11-12.pdfFile:Ingénieurs Sans Frontières - Cameroun.jpgFile:Injerra solar cooker - SCN May 07.pdf
File:Inke Pictures 001.jpgFile:Inner Wheel Club of Pune Middtown1.jpgFile:Innovations by Jagadeesh Anumakonda.jpg
File:Inside Scoop - Emerald Planet - December 14, 2014File:Inside Scoop - Emerald Planet - December 7, 2014File:Insight.jpg
File:Insolation insolation table.pdfFile:Installation cuiseur solaire.jpgFile:Installation of solcafe in progress at Ashramsh-Kotharaa.jpg
File:Institutional cooker grid.jpgFile:Instituto de Energías Renovables prototype box cooker, 9-13-17.pngFile:Instructions and Analysis of Solar Funnel Cookers - Müller 2017.pdf
File:Instructions for Assembling the Cool WAPI.pdfFile:Instructors and end-users in Uganda .jpgFile:Insulated Solar Electric Cooking - T. Watkins, et al.pdf
File:Insulation 1.jpgFile:Intact School at Kalrayan Hills for tribal children.jpgFile:Integrated-cooking.gif
File:Integrated Cooking Washington DC 2009.jpgFile:Integrated Sustainable Solar Cooking-SCN-2011.pdfFile:Integrated Sustainable Solar Cooking - Instruction leaflet for end users.png
File:Integrated solar dryer.jpgFile:Interact solar cooker construction gathering.jpgFile:Interesting box cooker design.jpg
File:Internat-Conf-Varese - Seifert.pdfFile:International Organization for Migration Sudan - Jan 2009.jpgFile:International Volunteer Cultural Centre (Armenia) 2012.jpg
File:Inti Ilimani video October 2015.jpgFile:Inti Illimani April 2016.jpgFile:Inti Illimani logo, 10-6-14.png
File:Inti Illimani promtion phto, 10-6-14.pngFile:Inti Uma November 2012.jpgFile:Introducing GoSun Stove
File:Introducing GoSun Stove-0File:Introduction.gifFile:Introduction of Solar Drying by NGO Narmada in Nimar Region of Madhya Pradesh State of India Under the Guidance of Barc, Goi - CONSOLFOOD 2018 - Raghav Deosthale, et al.pdf
File:Introduction to Project Have HopeFile:Invitation-to-Tender Solar Ovens.pdfFile:Invitation for Dr Shirin Gadhia Sustainability Award Ajay Chandak.pdf
File:Invitation to Solar Food Workshop 2013 Goraj final.pdfFile:Invitation to Technology Fair, Nigeria, 11-15-16. pdf.pdfFile:Iqbal and his Ingenious Idea ( book cover), 3-14-19.png
File:Iqbal and his Ingenious Idea ( book cover), 3-14-19 copy.jpgFile:Ireland clean cooking conference, 30-13, May, 2019 .pngFile:Irene Perbal photo, 9-18-14.jpg
File:Irene Perbal report November 2008.pdfFile:Irene Perbal with solar cookers, 9-18-14.jpgFile:Iridimi - Fuel and Firewood Conference presentation 2009.pdf
File:Iridimi Evaluation Report October 2007 compressed.pdfFile:Iridimi Refugee Camp Building CooKits 2006.jpgFile:Iridimi Refugee Camp CooKits1 2006.jpg
File:Iridimi cookers 2007.jpgFile:Iridimi cookers in camp.jpgFile:Iridimi folding solar cooker.jpg
File:Iridimi photographs June 2007.pdfFile:Iridimi refugee camp from air.jpgFile:Iridimi refugee holding solar cookers.jpg
File:Iron Butterfly school stew day.jpgFile:Iseko Shirai1.JPGFile:Ishani Sud 2007.jpg
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File:Israel map.pngFile:Its Time to be Efficient - NaDEET 2015.pdfFile:Ivan Yaholnitsky baked bread on cooker.jpg
File:JJOña.jpgFile:JO Karen El Sauce.jpgFile:JRES solar cooking workshop, 1-29-13.jpg
File:JRES student soalr cooking training, 1-29-13.jpgFile:JSCA festival 1, 12-8-12.jpgFile:JSCA festival 2, 12-8-12.jpg
File:JSCA festival 3, 12-8-12.jpgFile:JSEEA Fukushima photo, 1-9-14.jpgFile:JSEEA founder, Iseko Shrai visits Kenya 1, 1-11.jpg
File:JSEEA visits Kenya 2.jpgFile:JVE lettre et programme August 2008.pdfFile:JVE report December 2007.pdf
File:JVPE December 2007.jpgFile:JWW FactSheet Jan10 v5 lr.pdfFile:JWW SCP Year End Letter 2007.pdf
File:JWW WomenFactSheet Feb07.v2.pdfFile:JWW WomenFactSheet Sept07.v1.pdfFile:JWW ends cooking in Chad-September 2015.pdf
File:Jack-garvey-2016web.jpgFile:JackGarveyJr Profile.jpegFile:Jack Blanks.jpg
File:Jack Garvey, Jr. photo, 1-9-15.pngFile:Jackalgirl-Hanko 150px trans.gifFile:Jackie Harsha.jpg
File:Jagadeesh Anumakonda 2009.jpgFile:Jagat Shah PlenaryFile:Jaideep Malaviya.jpg
File:Jaivik Janak Green Heroes Film Festival - TERIFile:Jak zrobić kuchenkę turystyczną z puszekFile:Jalpaiguri Akshay Training Center 2008.pdf
File:Jamhuriat Girls School Kabul Scheffler array.jpg..jpgFile:Jamie Berg 2008.jpgFile:Jamie Berg 2008 2.jpg
File:Janak McGilligan.jpgFile:Janak Palta McGilligan Speaks at United Nations in July of 2017File:Janak Palta McGilligan speaks at the United Nations 18 July 2017
File:Janek McGilligan recievs Padma Shri award, 3-13-18.pngFile:Janice Gow Pettey, Ed.D. - A Business Solution to Poverty Designing Products and ServicesFile:Janice Gow Pettey, Ed.D. A Business Solution to Poverty Designing Products and Services
File:Janice Gow Petty 2017 slides.pdfFile:Japan SCA 1 Tanzania 10-11.jpgFile:Japan SCA 2, 10-11.jpg
File:Japan map, 12-30-15.pngFile:Jar in jar.jpgFile:Jean Golden 2017 slides.pdf
File:Jeannette Chiron, Winner for FranceFile:Jeff Waalkes Afghan valley , 10-18-12.jpgFile:Jeff Waalkes Afghan woman, 10-18-12.jpg
File:Jeffrey Grossman heat storage 2015.jpgFile:Jeunes Volontaires Pourl 'Environnement1.jpgFile:Jewish World Watch Solar Cooker Project
File:JimLaJoie 2016.jpgFile:Jnk.gifFile:Joan Malay SolarCooker TestedByWomen1.jpg
File:Jochen fiedler.pdfFile:Joe Kennedy shows how the soft fabric insulated oven door will fit into the plastic door sleeve..jpgFile:Joel Goodman, thru-wall prototype, 9-13..jpg
File:Joel Goodman - Study model - Greenhouse type oven in lower nonimaging reflector frame.jpgFile:Joel Goodman - Thru wall oven kitchen plan, 10-1-11.jpgFile:Joel Goodman Thru-wall Mirror oven 5-31-11.jpg
File:Joel Goodman Thru wall oven section, elevation 10-5-11.jpgFile:Joel Goodman solar restaurant concept.jpgFile:Joel Goodman thru-wall section, 2-9-13.jpg
File:Joel Goodman thru wall cluster home plan 5-31-11.jpgFile:Joel Goodman update, 1-31-13 .jpgFile:Johan van wyk.jpg
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File:Jompy Boiler coil.jpgFile:Jompy Water Heater 2.movFile:JongbloedWietske small.jpg
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File:Jorge Seidi with panel cooker.jpgFile:Jorge Seidi with parabolic cooker.jpgFile:Jorge Seidi youth group.jpg
File:Jose' Andre's photo.jpgFile:Jose Albano - Making a cardboard solar box oven.pdfFile:Jose Albano 2008.jpg
File:Jose Albano bag frame.jpgFile:Jose Albano workshop 2008.pdfFile:Jose Andres 2015.jpg
File:Jose Andres Adam Savage SXSL 10-16.pngFile:Jose Andres Haiti April 2010.jpgFile:Jose Andres Natioal Geographic December 2014.jpg
File:Jose Andres November 2012.jpgFile:Jose Andres photo, 12-4-18, Washington Post copy.jpgFile:Jose Andres solar drying November 2012.jpg
File:Jose Garrido 2008 1File:Jose Garrido 2008 2File:Jose Garrido 2008 3
File:Jose Garrido 2008 4File:Jose Guimaraes 2008.jpgFile:Jose Guimaraes class 2008.jpg
File:Jose sol2.jpgFile:Joseph Odey.jpgFile:Joseph Odey demonstration1.jpg
File:Joseph Odey with representatives of 36 states of Nigeria.jpgFile:Joshua Guinto solar dryer, bio-char diagram, 12-11-14.pngFile:Joshuas Way 2011.jpg
File:José Andrés serves a solar meal to earthquake survivors in a Port-au-Prince encampment (Photo- Manolo Vílchez), 6-23-14.jpgFile:Juan-Bello-Llorente-Faro-2016.pdfFile:Juan urrutia.pdf
File:Juana Jarquin.pdfFile:Juana Jarquin 2016.jpgFile:Juana Jarquin workshop March 2017a.jpg
File:Juana poster.pdfFile:Julie-Greene-Faro-2016.pdfFile:Julie-Greene Faro 2016.pdf
File:JulieGreene2015.jpgFile:JulieGreene 2016 Faro.jpgFile:Julie Greene, Closing Remarks - The Future of the Solar Cooking Sector
File:Julie Greene, Tom Sponheim, Paul Hedrick atthed ETHOS 2013, 1-27-13 .jpgFile:Julie Greene - Displaced Persons and Solar CookingFile:Julie Greene Keynote
File:Julie Greene and Alan Bigalow at UN July 2017.jpgFile:Julie Greene photo, 11-28-12.jpgFile:July12,2017 Janak Palta McGilligan Speakes at UN
File:Julycorn.jpgFile:June 25, 2006 Lesotho.jpgFile:Just B-Solar kids, 8-26-16.png
File:K-L1210579.jpgFile:K-deshi03.jpgFile:K14 totalb.jpg
File:K5- Detailed Broucher with pictures.pdfFile:KAB Passau.jpgFile:KALAN DE ARAWF.jpg
File:KIOSCO SOLAR, UN EMPRENDIMIENTO DE DESARROLLO SUSTENTABLEFile:KISC students and teachers, FoST, 11-28-17.pngFile:KISC students and teachers at FoST.jpg
File:KISC students testing the heat in solar cooker.jpgFile:KOMO4 News Solar in SeattleFile:K & F @ Workshop (2).jpg
File:K Gathering Samples in Obia.JPGFile:K training water testing.jpgFile:Kaccobo July 2009.jpg
File:Kahn Grumley Owino DSeifert ISeifert.jpgFile:Kahn solar cooker.jpgFile:Kajiado04 2007.jpg
File:Kakuma12.jpgFile:Kakuma 2017.jpgFile:Kakuma 2019.jpg
File:Kakuma May 2017.jpgFile:Kakuma Surakumbh aerial 2, 5-8-17.pngFile:Kakuma Surakumbh cooker assembly, 5-8-17.png
File:Kakuma Suryakumbh 05-17.jpgFile:Kakuma evaluation 2003-12.pdfFile:Kakuma refugee camp setting the pace in use of renewable energy
File:Kakuma refugee camp setting the pace in use of renewable energy-0File:Kalan de Araw.jpgFile:Kammen-Lankford-SolarOven-Solar&WindTechnology1990.pdf
File:Kammen-Lankford-moresolarcooking.pdfFile:Kammen-Lankford-solarcook Nature 1990.pdfFile:Kammen Cookstoves SciAmerican1995.pdf
File:Kankombas solar cooker demonstration Zambia, 7-8-16.pngFile:Kapok-Cooking Basket.gifFile:Kapplusch miniature cooker, 7-24-13.jpg
File:Kapplusch paper mache parabolic form, 7-24-13.jpgFile:Kapplusch pizza cooker, 7-23-13.jpgFile:Karen Treasure November 2015.jpg
File:Kartoffeln im Biodünster3.JPGFile:Karyn Ellis 2008.jpgFile:Karyn Ellis Kenya Report October November 2007.pdf
File:Kassama 2016.jpgFile:Kate Rowland with Sunflair solar oven.jpgFile:Kates Solar Kitchen recipe.jpg
File:Katherine Russell 1.jpegFile:Kathy Dahl-Bredine - Nwslt.Jan.-Feb 2016.pdfFile:Kathy Dahl-Bredine April 2016.jpg
File:Kathy Dahl-Bredine Nwslt.May-June 2016.pdfFile:Kathy Dahl-Bredine newsletter Mar-April 2016.pdfFile:Kathy and kids.jpg
File:Kathy dahl.pdfFile:Kathy dahl1.pdfFile:Kathy in market0007.jpg
File:Kawesa Mukasa - How Solar Connect Association Sustains the Solar Cooking BusinessFile:Kawesa Mukasa 2017 slides.pdfFile:Kazakhstan map, 8-17-16.png
File:Kelewele and Red Red.jpgFile:Kelly enjoying a s'more.jpgFile:Kelly with solar water pasteurizer.jpg
File:Kenya Part 4 019.jpgFile:Kenya Solar Concentrator.jpgFile:Kenya Solar Concentrator 2.jpg
File:Kenya Solar Concentrator 3.jpg .jpgFile:Kern aus Sand.jpgFile:Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center.jpg
File:Kerr-Cole house.jpgFile:Keshav Srushti 1.pngFile:Keshav Srushti 2.jpg
File:Keshav Srushti 3.jpgFile:Keshav Srushti 4.jpgFile:Keshav Srushti 4 cropped.jpg
File:Keshav Srushti 5.jpgFile:Keshav Srushti 5 01-16.jpgFile:Keshav Srushti 6 01-16.jpg
File:Keshav Srushti logo, 8-11-14.jpgFile:Keshav Srushti sun image, 1-13-16.pngFile:Kettle250by8am.jpg
File:Kettle Cooker interior closeup.jpgFile:Kettle catches early rays.jpgFile:Kettle cooker top view.jpg
File:Keven Adair with trainees 4-25-10.jpgFile:Kevin Adair 2016.jpgFile:Kevin Porter 2006.jpg
File:Khan's Backpack Solar Cooker size diagram, 10-7-15.pngFile:Khichdi-0.jpgFile:Khichdi.jpg
File:Kids eating in classroom (2).jpgFile:Kids in Bonbon sept 2008.jpgFile:Kids with sc food.jpg
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