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File:Marty Greenia 2017 slides.pdfFile:Marty Greenia Scaling UpFile:Mary Buchenic solar cooker project, 5-15-14.jpg
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File:Matthew Alonso - Performance Testing of a Portable Stored Solar Thermal Energy Cooking SystemFile:Matthew Rollins CooKit variation (assembled), 2-21-12.jpgFile:Matthew Rollins Cookit variation (folded), 2-21-12.jpg .jpg
File:Matéria Pleno Sol.aviFile:Mauricio Acero Olla Solar2.jpgFile:Mauritania 2014 - Solar Clutch.jpg
File:Mauritania Solar Clutch Evaluation 2015.pdfFile:Mauritanian solar cooked pizza, Solar Clutch, 10-6-14.pngFile:Mawahib Ahmed 2018.jpg
File:Mawahib Ahmed 2018b.jpgFile:Mawahib Ahmed cooking photo.jpgFile:Max Omizek Uganda November 2008.jpg
File:Max w cookers cropped pic..jpgFile:May 2017 - Kakuma refugee camp setting the pace in use of renewable energyFile:Mayan Solar Cookers
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File:McGilligan Centre food fest reduced, 4-18-18 copy.jpgFile:McGilligan Empowering young Rural and Tribal women with Solar CookersFile:McGilligan The Jimmy Factor
File:McGilligan five solar cooker subsidy to landless women, 6-22-17.pngFile:McGilligan scientist visit post-conf, 1-25-17.pngFile:Me and Patricia.jpg
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File:Mechanical mathematician for making a parabolaFile:Mechero Gasolar de EcovidasolarFile:Medp final report 2011.pdf
File:Meeting Solar Airconditioning and cooking 1 (2).pdfFile:Melanzane Copenhagen.jpgFile:Melting steel with solar power
File:Membrane FixFocus mirror as multifunctional solar power station - CONSOLFOOD 2018 - Jurgen Kleinwachter (Abstract).pdfFile:MenziesCrosby small.jpgFile:Menzies The most well funded solar cooker program in the world lessons learned from GTZ
File:Mercy Bannerman1.jpgFile:Mercy Bannerman2.jpgFile:Meredith's cooker.jpg
File:Merry Bevill, Sunshine On My Shoulder, 12-14-15.pngFile:Merry Bevill demonstrates solar cookers on Good Morning ArizonaFile:Merry Bevill photo, 12-14-15.png
File:Merry in Phoenix 2015 Aha Moment TourFile:Metal Rocket Stove Granada 2006.JPGFile:Metal lined Rand Tube diagram, Oxford, 6-12-18.png
File:Metcalf Granada06 Conference.pdfFile:Metcalf Poster for WWC, Lisbon,2014.pdfFile:Mexico Sustainable rural life, 2-13-13.pdf
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File:Michael Nicholas photo, 7-8-14.jpgFile:Micro-enterprises in Solar Food Processing Technology - Case Study - M. Ramakrishana Rao, D.J. Rao, S.L. Kumar (January 2009).pdfFile:Middle students cooker project, The Registar Guard, 5-27-17.png
File:Midsize CPC kitchen image, Joel Goodman, 2-11-14.jpgFile:Midsize experimental CPC solar kitchen studies.pdfFile:Mike Paparian - International Climate Agreements Status
File:Mike Paparian 2017 slides.pdfFile:Mike Paparian International Climate Agreements StatusFile:Mike and Martha Port 2008.jpg
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File:NG cooking method 2.jpgFile:NICARAGUA 2012 Trip to El Centro Solar -1.pdfFile:NREL - Solar Water Pasteurization and Water Disinfection in Developing Countries.pdf
File:NTNU 2015.jpgFile:N p21kee.jpgFile:NaDEET's Golden Mole Newsletter 13.2.pdf
File:NaDEET-Banana Muffins.jpgFile:NaDEET - Heat, Dust & DreamsFile:NaDEET 2012.jpg
File:NaDEET Centre 2012.jpgFile:NaDEET Solar Deck 2008.jpgFile:NaDEET solar cooking training 2012, 2-11-13.jpg
File:NaDEET user survey, 11-13-13.jpgFile:NaDeet celebration of project, 12-13-16.pngFile:Na wah1.jpg
File:Na wah3.jpgFile:Na wah ship.pngFile:Nahom Nigussie March 2007.jpg
File:Nairobi cooking demonstration 3-09.jpgFile:Nak bergambar dengan hasil masakan.jpgFile:Nakajo, Yuichi training, 12-8-12.jpg
File:Nakivale Refugee Settlement - September 2016.jpgFile:Nakivale Refugee Settlement - September 2016 cropped.jpgFile:Namrata Sengar poster.pdf
File:Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation logo.jpgFile:Nancy Ellen Crooks workshop.jpgFile:Nandwani 1.jpg
File:Nandwani 2.jpgFile:Nandwani Solar Food warmers for Educational Centres in Costa RicaFile:Nangai holding the guard with milk ready for cooking outside her house.jpg
File:Nangai with her children while cooking.jpgFile:Naomi removing food from solar cooker to fireless cooker-1.jpgFile:Naomi removing food from solar cooker to fireless cooker.jpg
File:Narvaseeezyredvan.jpgFile:Nation to Nation Networking Ltd (NNN) training in Ethiopia, credit- Addis Adaba Univ.,3-2-17.pngFile:Nation to Nation Networking Ltd (NNN) training in Ethiopia 2, credit- Addis Adaba Univ.,3-2-17.png
File:National Geographic Channel India 's Megakitchens 28 June 2015 21min 57sec 11 30amFile:National Geographic Channel India 's Megakitchens 28 June 2015 21min 57sec 11 30am-0File:National Geographic Channel India 's Megakitchens 28 June 2015 21min 57sec 11 30am-1
File:National Geographic Video - April 2009.jpgFile:National Geographic Video covering work of SCIFile:National Geographic logo.jpg
File:National Union of Eritrean Women 2005.jpgFile:Natural Resources and Waste Management Alliance logo, Faustine Odaba, 11-16-16.pngFile:Natural convection flow in a solar dryer geometry - November 2017 - Bernardo Sosa.pdf
File:Natural vegitation in Africa.jpgFile:Nature Matters to Idamane SupremeFile:Natuur.koepel vzw SenegalBelgium.jpg
File:Navajo Student Fresnel Solar Cooker.jpgFile:Navajo Students Native Sun Fresnel Solar Cooker.movFile:NdichuStephen small.jpg
File:Nduku and her Solar CookerFile:Neelaratna.jpgFile:Neelaratna Geekiyanage box cooker.jpg
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File:Nepal hits 2007-2008.jpgFile:Nepal integrated cooking, 2-11-13.jpgFile:Nepal solar project 1.jpg
File:Nepal solar project 2.jpgFile:Nepal wood carrying - McArdle 2008.jpgFile:Nepper & Stevenson thermostat.jpg
File:Neppler & Stevenson water pasteurizer.jpgFile:Nesco solar oven, a better view of itFile:Net Generation Tanzania 2008.jpg
File:Network of NGOs of Trinidad and Tobago for the Advancement of Women logo.jpgFile:Networking to Advance the Use of Solar Cookers as Educational Tools in the Classroom (Paper) - CONSOLFOOD 2018 - Mary Buchenic, et al.pdfFile:Networking to Advance the Use of Solar Cookers as Educational Tools in the Classroom - CONSOLFOOD 2018 - Mary Buchenic, et al.pdf
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