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File:REDMEREE Webinar “Grupo Fénix y las Mujeres Solares de Totogalpa”File:REDMEREE Webinar “Grupo Fénix y las Mujeres Solares de Totogalpa”-0File:REFUGEE CAMPS AND SOLAR COOKERS August 2016 Patricia McArdle.pdf
File:REGISTRO para congresso en Oaxaca 19-22 de marzo 2009.pdfFile:RFP for Clean Cooking BCC Fund - Global Alliance - for release Feb 1 2016.pdfFile:RICE.jpg
File:RICE 3 KG.jpgFile:RIPCO Scheffler.jpgFile:RL Sawhney Plenary
File:Rachel-Andres-in-chad 2007.jpgFile:Rachel Andres - Solar Cooking Project in Chadian Refugee Camps Lessons LearnedFile:Radha-energy-cell-logo-4cba91de11cdf-medium.gif
File:Rahman tunnel dryer 2006.jpgFile:Rakia Maman Niger - Netherlands November 2008.jpgFile:RapidDawn.jpg
File:Rapport solaire 2008-2009.pdfFile:Rapport solaire Mali 2005-2006.pdfFile:Rapport solaire Mali 2006-2007.pdf
File:Rapport solaire Mali 2006-7.pdfFile:Rapport solaire Mali 2007-2008.pdfFile:Raquel Redshirt develops her own solar oven.
File:Rasberry Pi-Solrmatic, 4-30-14 .jpgFile:Rasberry Pi-Solrmatic electronics, 4-3-14.jpgFile:Ravindra and Shobha Pardeshi.jpg
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File:Recipical Photo Test, William Bradley, 4-16-14.pdfFile:Reciprocal Optical Test.pdfFile:Recycled Cardboard Solar Cooker manufacturing.jpg
File:Recycled solar cooker.jpgFile:Red Mujeres taller 2017.jpgFile:Red Mujeres webinars July 2017.jpg
File:ReddyPadmajaJagadeeswara small.jpgFile:Reddy Concept Of Renewable Energy Model VillageFile:Reddy Padmaja Jagadeeswara.JPG
File:Redshirt 1.jpgFile:Reducing Biomass and Kerosene Used For Cooking in Indonesia, in supporting the global efforts to reduce CO2 Emission, Herliyani Suharta and A.M. Sayigh, 1-14-15.pdfFile:Reflective materials 2.jpg
File:Reflective materials chart.jpgFile:Reflectivematerialsreport - John Harrison 2001.pdfFile:Reflector-metal horizontal lap detail.jpg
File:Reflector augmented solar cookers, stills, autoclaves with PV pergola shade.pdfFile:Reflector augmented solar cookers with PV pergola shade for open air kitchens.pdfFile:Reflector designed with the t-squqre.jpg
File:Reflector pyramid base architectonic model.jpgFile:Refugee camps and solar cookers - Patricia McArdle - July 2016.pdfFile:Refugee cookers.jpg
File:Refugee drawing1.jpgFile:Regula Ochsner 2016.jpgFile:Reinforced corner joints.jpg
File:Reinhard Eros photo.jpgFile:Reisebericht Ningxia Nov2007.pdfFile:Relevant factors for the successful adoption of institutional solar cookers.pdf
File:Remarks on Stove Technologies - Seifert February 2016.pdfFile:Remi.JPGFile:Remote Solar Cooking System1 08-18.png
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File:Renewable Energy for AfghanistanFile:Renewable Energy for Afghanistan-0File:Renewable Energy for Cooking Resource Center, Uganda, 3-3-14.jpg
File:Report BF 2010.pdfFile:Report Clara fieldvisit ISSC HoAREC oct 23 Nov 14 2009.pdfFile:Report India 2013.pdf
File:Report Kithembe.pdfFile:Report from Kakuma Refugee Camp - Antony Malong - February 2005.pdfFile:Report on Solar Cooking in Micronesia.pdf
File:Report to the Solar Cooker International basic secondary school.pdfFile:Republican photo.jpgFile:Resilience mulitple pot fireless cooker, 7-7-14.jpg
File:Respondent Search, Natalie Blackburn, 1-31-13.pdfFile:Respondents all map USASolarSurvey 31-jul-2013.jpgFile:Responsive Materials
File:Restaurant's Ovens Powered by the SunFile:Restaurant Solaire - Le Présage - CONSOLFOOD 2018 - Pierre-André Aubert.pdfFile:Retained-Heat-Cookers FINAL 7.11.2007.pdf
File:Retained heat drawer-Sunny Miller 2015.jpgFile:Retainedheatcooking.jpgFile:Rethinking the Box Oven - Dar Curtis 2017.pdf
File:Reuters logo.pngFile:Review of Best Solar Cookers and OvensFile:Review of Thermal Storage.pdf
File:Review on solar cooker systems - Economic and environmental study for different Lebanese scenarios - Herez, et al - January 2018.pdfFile:Revolutionary Solar! Stirling engine mount + Liquid piston trackerFile:Revolutionary Solar! Stirling engine mount Liquid piston tracker
File:Ribbon of Hope (formerly Nakuru Women's Project) stall at Mantua festival 2008.jpgFile:Ribbon of Hope Self Help Group - Nakuru, Kenya.jpgFile:Ribeye steak and salad.JPG
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File:Robert Chiron with baked bread.jpgFile:Robert Metcalf demonstrates water testing.jpgFile:Robert Metcalf with water testing equipment.jpg
File:Robinson Cooker collapsed.jpgFile:Robinson Cooker schematic.jpgFile:Robinson Cooker support schematic.jpg
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File:Robinson cooker template 1.jpgFile:Robinson keel and beam.jpgFile:Robinson pot insert.jpg
File:Robinson reflector attachment.jpgFile:Robinson reflector template.jpgFile:Robinson wood parts 1.jpg
File:Roche large.jpgFile:Rocio Maldonado - Financing a Solar Cookers Project in the AndesFile:Rocio Maldonado 2017 slides.pdf
File:Rocio Maldonado Financing a Solar Cookers Project in the AndesFile:Rocket Stove Ideas 33 - Brick Box Rocket StoveFile:Rocket Stove details.gif
File:Rocket stove en vermex (vermiculite expansee)File:Rocket stove made from barrel in Bolivia.jpgFile:Rocket stoves large.png
File:Rocks.jpgFile:Rocky Mountain Institute logo.jpgFile:Roger's India and Africa trips 2017.docx.pdf
File:RogerHaines.jpgFile:Roger Haines meets with the Alliance for African Assistance to discuss solar cooker distribution., photo - Roger Haines .pngFile:Roger Haines meets with the Alliance for African Assistance to discuss solar cooker distribution., photo - Roger Haines copy.jpg
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File:Rotary Turkey Armenia Report Nov 2005.pdfFile:Rotary Volunteer Service Grant 61804 2007.pdfFile:Rotary Youth Leadership Awards youth Southern CA 2009.jpg
File:Rouelle de porc solaire avec le Parvati Solar CookerFile:Rouge et bleu 2.jpgFile:Rough Plans for Parabolic Trough Solar Cooker.pdf
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File:Royal Botanic Garden cooker workshop, 10-23-12.jpgFile:Royal Botanic Garden cooker workshop 2, 10-23-12.jpgFile:Rubric for Characteristics of Effective Solar Cooking Lessons - Mary Buchenic 2016.pdf
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File:SCI PEP University of Nairobi Kenya 2019.jpgFile:SCI Quick needs assessment 2018.pdfFile:SCI Regional Convention 2015 Abstracts.pdf
File:SCI Sacramento Bee August 2015.jpgFile:SCI Solar Cooking FestivalFile:SCI Solar Cooking Festival-0
File:SCI Tanzania Phase 2 2018.jpgFile:SCI Tanzania survey participant photo 2016.pngFile:SCI White Paper - Edward Ortiz - July 2018.pdf
File:SCI WorldMap.pngFile:SCI annual report 2017.jpgFile:SCI article (Japanese), 12-19-16.png
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File:SDC14089.jpgFile:SDG alignment - Solar Cooking 2015.pdfFile:SEEC- parabolic cooker, S. Hamadto, 5-4-16.png
File:SEEC soalr canning.jpgFile:SELENE BANNER-01.pngFile:SERRANO-COCINAS Faro 2016.pdf
File:SERVE solar cooking in Afghanistan, 2013 update.pdfFile:SETSQUARE 2.jpgFile:SFCNewsletterOct08web.pdf
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