File:Solar cooking in Kasab camp in North DarfurFile:Solar cooking in NepalFile:Solar cooking in Nepal.jpg
File:Solar cooking in the Dominican Republic, 3-16-14.jpgFile:Solar cooking inconvenience.jpgFile:Solar cooking integrated into village life.JPG
File:Solar cooking lessonsFile:Solar cooking potluck.jpgFile:Solar cooking suzette.pdf
File:Solar cooking training in Tapachula, Mexico.jpgFile:Solar cooking uganda.pngFile:Solar cooking with refugees in Athens
File:Solar cooking workshop 1, C.V. Raman College, 3-30-15.pngFile:Solar cooking workshop 2, C.V. Raman College, 3-30-15.pngFile:Solar cooking workshop 3, C.V. Raman College, 3-30-15.png
File:Solar cooking workshop in Turkey in 2002, 8-5-15.pngFile:Solar cookit nairobi booklet.pdfFile:Solar cuppa 15.jpg
File:Solar cuppa 16.jpgFile:Solar dehydrator front, Sizzling Solar Systems, 11-13-12.jpgFile:Solar dehydrator side, Sizzling Solar Systems, 11-13-12.jpg
File:Solar design Jig andFile:Solar distillation and desalination of ocean salt water for the masses.File:Solar distillation for essential oils extraction - a decentralised approach for rural development - Ing. Anjum Munir 2009 and Dr. Oliver Hensel.pdf
File:Solar dryer from recycled glass, Joshua Guinto, 7-16.pngFile:Solar dryer schematic, Mother Earth News, 2-18-15.pngFile:Solar drying noir 1.jpg
File:Solar drying of fruits, vegetables, spices, medicinal plants and fish- Developments and Potentials - B.K. Bala and Serm Janjai 2009.pdfFile:Solar drying of ginger, Center for Rural Technology, Nepal, 2-1-16.pngFile:Solar drying of mushroom using solar tunnel dryer - B. K. Bala, M. A. Morshed, and M. F. Rahman (January 2009).pdf
File:Solar energy enterprises company 04-16 1.jpgFile:Solar energy enterprises company 04-16 2.jpgFile:Solar energy enterprises company 04-16 3.jpg
File:Solar evacuated tubesFile:Solar fair in Rusape, Zimabawe, 5-7-17.pngFile:Solar fuel - MIT Professor Jeffrey Grossman
File:Solar guard.gifFile:Solar guard.jpgFile:Solar heated gluhwein.JPG
File:Solar home system SFS-1206.jpgFile:Solar kangaroo2.jpgFile:Solar kettle 3.jpg
File:Solar kochen mit Michael BonkeFile:Solar kochen mit Michael Bonke-0File:Solar lighter by IDCOOK - solar lighters, briquet solaire, mechero solar
File:Solar meeting May 30 Algarve.pdfFile:Solar orientation, Construction of solar cookers and driers, Souriau & Amelin, 6-9-15.pngFile:Solar oven.jpg
File:Solar oven & coffee maker.jpgFile:Solar oven 12.jpgFile:Solar oven 13.jpg
File:Solar oven 15.jpgFile:Solar oven SUNCOOK TROPICAL- solar oven, four solaire, forno solareFile:Solar oven karen post.jpg
File:Solar oven made out of an old Nesco roasterFile:Solar oven partners newsletter 02-16.pdfFile:Solar oven tracker.jpg
File:Solar oven tracker.pngFile:Solar oven tracker wiringFile:Solar oven water bath canning
File:Solar oven when used as a normal electrical oven.jpgFile:Solar parabolic cooker.jpgFile:Solar parabolic cooker (Four solaire parabolique) Cooking for free.
File:Solar parabolic cooker details.jpgFile:Solar pastry 5.JPGFile:Solar pastry 6.JPG
File:Solar pastry bake 1.JPGFile:Solar pastry bake 4.JPGFile:Solar pot lady.png
File:Solar promoters in South America.jpgFile:Solar puddle diagram.gifFile:Solar radiation map - Solarex.jpg
File:Solar reflector theory 1, 12-11.jpgFile:Solar reflector theory 2, 12-11.jpgFile:Solar reflector theory 3, 12-11.jpg
File:Solar reflector theory 4, 12-11.jpgFile:Solar serve center.jpgFile:Solar smelters3.pdf
File:Solar smelters 1.pdfFile:Solar smelters 2.pdfFile:Solar smelters 3.pdf
File:Solar smelters 4.pdfFile:Solar smelters 5.pdfFile:Solar steam system.jpg
File:Solar still 1.jpgFile:Solar still 2 copy.jpgFile:Solar still 4.jpg
File:Solar still 5.jpgFile:Solar stir fry.pdfFile:Solar tunnel dryer.jpg
File:Solar tunnel dryer 2.jpgFile:Solar village.jpgFile:Solar wok 4.jpg
File:Solar wok 5.jpgFile:Solar wok 8.jpgFile:Solarafrica-network1.jpg Dada - Delicacies&Wholesome Food and Dada - mother nature's clay oven-jiko sanifu
File:Solarama Energy & Services solar cooking demonstration, 8-25-14,.jpgFile:Solarbake1.jpgFile:Solarbration Sacramento.gif
File:Solarcooked srambled logo, 4-17-14.jpgFile:Solarcooker.jpg
File:Solarcooker.pngFile:Solarcooking FAQ (Farsi).pdfFile:Solarcooking Greece.JPG
File:Solarcookleaflet.pdfFile:Solarcookleaflet2.pdfFile:Solarex lg small-1-.jpeg
File:Solarfire oven.jpgFile:Solarfreedom1.jpgFile:Solargrilldiagram-478x383.jpg
File:Solari - Smart Portable Solar CookerFile:Solaria logo.jpgFile:Solario Productos.jpg
File:Solarkoch- und Informationsbuch.pngFile:Solarkocher Premium11 in Anwendung - Solar cooker Premium11 in actionFile:Solarkocher cover.jpg
File:Solarkocher in Frankreich Alpen.JPGFile:Solarmate logo, 8-31-15.pngFile:Solaroven2000.gif
File:Solarparty am weißen Strand.jpgFile:Solarque-banner.pngFile:Solarservecenter.JPG
File:Solarverkauf logo, 11-5-13.jpgFile:Solarwind-logo.gifFile:Solasol logo.jpg
File:Solavore Haiti 2018.jpgFile:Solavore Sport with reflectors, 3-14-16.pngFile:Solavore logo, 10-26-16.png
File:Soleil Burkina1.jpgFile:Soleil Energie Eternelle1.jpgFile:Solemsol 2012 cropped.jpg
File:Solemyo logo, 12-3-14.pngFile:Solemyo solar cooker workshop, 10-20-16.pngFile:SolerCool-250.jpg
File:Solkoker pakket ned 1.jpgFile:Solnar Tarcici Collapsible Solar Cooker.jpg .jpgFile:Solrmatic1.png
File:Solsource Solar Cooker at BTCV India SchoolFile:Solvaten Water SystemFile:Solvatten.jpg
File:Solvatten1.jpgFile:Solvatten Kakuma, KenyaFile:Solvatten Obama.png
File:Solvatten news Oct 2009 final.pdfFile:Somalia's solar cooking villageFile:Somalia villagers with cookers.jpg
File:Somalia woman with cooker.jpgFile:Somesh sharma.pdfFile:Sonia Heptonstall 2007.jpg
File:Sonnenschirm.jpgFile:Sonnenschirm CookAway.jpgFile:Sophie Brock photo, 1-9-15.png
File:Soroptimist international1.gifFile:Soroptimist international2.jpgFile:Soroptimist international3.jpg
File:Soroptimist international4.jpgFile:Sos sport oven.jpgFile:Soulsource successful.jpg
File:Soup.jpgFile:South Africa hits 2007.jpgFile:South Africa sunfire crosby.pdf
File:South Sudan-administrative map.pngFile:Spade WAPI.jpgFile:Spaghetti solari
File:Spanish DATS1.jpgFile:Spanish DATS2.jpgFile:Spanish DATS4.jpg
File:Spanish flag.gifFile:Spanish students at solar cooking workshop.jpgFile:Special Challenges of Solar Cooking.pdf
File:Spelt bread cooking in a solar oven.JPGFile:Spelt bread dough ready for solar cooking.JPGFile:Sperancea Gabone - Solar Cooking Adoption and Impact Survey
File:Sperancea Gabone 2006.jpgFile:Sperancea Gabone 2017 slides.pdfFile:Sperancea gabone.pdf
File:Spirit in Action Kenya 2007.jpgFile:Spitak, Armenia festival August 2016.jpgFile:Spitak event February 2016.jpg
File:Sponheim, Hedrick SCInet WikiFile:Sponheim, Hedrick SCInet Wiki-0File:Sponheim collapsible solar box cooker.jpg
File:Sport Solar Oven Cooking with the SunFile:Spring 2010 Wire WAPI (Nitinol).pdfFile:Square Parabolic Solar Cooker
File:Square tube beam for PV pergolas June 22 2007.jpgFile:Squexad 5V30 disassembled.jpgFile:Sreflect.jpg
File:Sri Lanka solar dinner, 1-7-14.jpgFile:Sri Lanka’s Anagi II stove manual, 12-1-15.pdfFile:Sri lanka solar cooking event.jpg
File:Srinivasa Ravuri 2016.jpgFile:Ssdevice1.jpgFile:Ssdevice2.jpg
File:Ssolar-cooker-design-hyc.jpgFile:St9neu.jpgFile:Stacked pots.jpg
File:Stage Mieussy 26 et 27 juillet.pdfFile:Stage de cuisson solaire a RetamoFile:Stages 2007 Bolivia Inti-Sud Soleil.pdf
File:Stand-alone LIGHTWEIGHT solar cooker ADDED study notes 3-23-2015.pdfFile:Stand-alone solar cooker study notes .pdfFile:Stanford in the Vale's Superhome
File:Stansport Enamel 4 qt. pot 10-25-11.jpg..jpgFile:Star-tides field.jpgFile:Star Tides 4 Solar Cookers
File:Starlight (Afghan Free Energy Co.) 1.5m parabolic solar cooker, 10-4-12 .jpgFile:Starlight Afghan Free Energy Co. logo, 10-4-12.jpgFile:States of Brazil map.jpg
File:States of India map, 8-4-15.pngFile:Stbogermanyworkshop.jpgFile:Steel Bowl cooker used like an oven
File:Steel bowl cooker.jpgFile:Stefano's pizza.jpgFile:Step1.JPG
File:Step7.JPGFile:Stephen Pearson 2016.jpgFile:Steve and Sheila harrigan.jpg
File:Steve oven sml.JPGFile:Steven Watson-2009-2a.jpgFile:Steven Watson-2009.jpg
File:Steven foundation 2007.jpgFile:Steven jones funnel.jpgFile:Stewart Maclachlan 2016.jpg
File:Stifado in DIAMOND solar ovenFile:Stir fry setup Caicai Wu 2013.jpgFile:Stop Soot, Black Carbon, and Global Warming - Earthjustice
File:Stored Solar Thermal Energy - Cooking Without Fire, Fuel, or EmissionsFile:Stories of Change Thea Holm, 2-21-13.pdfFile:Stove.png
File:Stove Tec Rocket Stove.jpgFile:Stovetec1.jpgFile:Student Science Projects graduation, Kenya 11-15-14.png
File:Students at the REPRO Stall, 2015, Khan, 9-30-15.pngFile:Students in Eldoret, Kenya make paer mache cooker bases, 2-17-16.pngFile:Studies on Fortification of Solar Dried Fruit bars - G. Sarojini, V. Veena, M. Ramakrishna Rao (January 2009).pdf
File:Study of stoves in guatemala.pdfFile:SuNewsJuly-Dec06.pdfFile:SuNewsJuly-Dec08.pdf
File:SuNewsJune-Dec05.pdfFile:SuNews Jan-June 2009 (jpg reduced).pdfFile:SuNews Jul-Dec 2009.pdf
File:SuNews July-Dec 06.jpgFile:Su Solartech logo 11-11.jpgFile:Su Solartech solar cooker 11-11.jpg
File:Sudan 2006 muna rizi.pdfFile:Suenew2.jpgFile:Suggested RHC cooking times HELPS International.jpg
File:SuhartaHerliyani small.jpgFile:Suharta 2013.pdfFile:Suharta Herliyani 2005.jpg
File:Suharta Tech transfer since 1995.gifFile:Summary of Water Pasteurization.pdfFile:Summary of a Comparison Study of Three Cooking Methods in a Bhutanese Refugee Camp .pdf
File:Summary of wood consumption study in Kakuma by Drs. B. Knudson and B. Lankford August 1998. in Kakuma.pdfFile:Summer Extended newsletter for teachers.pdfFile:Summer Update August 2010 (web).pdf
File:Sun-Ecliptic-4Seasons-aDayOnEarth-LookingEast.gifFile:Sun-Funnel Cooker Construction Plan.pdfFile:Sun-Funnel Solar Cooker - Boiling Water
File:Sun-Funnel Solar Cooker - Temperature TestFile:Sun-Funnel perspective diagram, 12-11.jpgFile:Sun-Funnel sun angle diagram, 12-11.jpg
File:Sun2Cook 1, 1-25-12.jpgFile:Sun2Cook 2, 1-25-12.jpgFile:Sun7.jpg
File:SunBuckets Poster.pdfFile:SunCook Premium Eficiente Cocina solarFile:SunCook Premium Eficiente Cocina solar-0
File:SunDryer50, IDCOOK, 7-9-15.pngFile:SunDryer50.jpgFile:SunDwater distillation system, 4-17-13.jpg
File:SunFire Solution project photo, 4-16-13.jpgFile:SunFire Solution project photo 2, 4-17-13.jpgFile:SunFire Solution project photo 3, 4-17-13.jpg
File:SunFire Solutions at World Cup.jpgFile:SunFire Solutions logo, 2-12-15.pngFile:SunFire Stove Project, 11-5-13.jpg
File:SunFire Swaziland May 2016.jpgFile:SunFocus Solar Electric OvenFile:SunFocus hybrid cooker 2, 1-29-14.jpg
File:SunGenius logo, 3-26-14.jpgFile:SunLife NGO Annual Report for 2015-15th Feb 2016-v3 Boss.pdfFile:SunLife pot carrying framework, 11-18-16.png
File:SunLife pot holder with pot, 11-8-16.pngFile:SunOK Spot 2009 en.aviFile:SunOK logo.jpg
File:SunOven0006sml.jpgFile:SunPortal upper reflector.jpgFile:SunPower Cooker in cold weather
File:SunRay1000.jpgFile:SunRocket Solar KettleFile:SunSaluter1.png
File:SunSaluter5.pngFile:SunSaluter logo.pngFile:SunStove brochure.jpg
File:SunStove brochure 2.jpg
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