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File:UltraLightCooker Traveller-3.jpgFile:UltraLightCooker Traveller-4.jpgFile:UltraLightCooker Traveller-5.jpg
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File:UltraLightCooker Traveller-9.jpgFile:UltraLightCooker front, 3-7-13.jpgFile:UltraLightCooker rolled, 3-7-13.jpg
File:UltraLightCooker side, 3-7-13 .jpgFile:UltraTec profile 2008.pdfFile:Ultra Sun Cooker, Ron Mutebi.jpg
File:Ultralight cooker experiment-1.JPGFile:Ultralight cooker experiment-2.JPGFile:Ultralight cooker experiment-3.JPG
File:Ultralight cooker experiment-4.JPGFile:Umbrella cooker.jpgFile:Une adaptation du four solaire ulog.pdf
File:United-nations-UN-flag-picrure.pngFile:United Methodist volunteers.jpgFile:United Nations Climate Change logo, 2-4-13.jpg
File:United Religions Initiative - May 2009.jpgFile:United Village Transformation, Sansone, 10-20-15.pngFile:Univ. Johannesburg student design contest, 9-25-19.png
File:Universal Delux.jpgFile:Universidad Nordeste 2009.jpgFile:University of Illinois Stored Solar Thermal Update February 2016.pdf
File:University students of Dhule.jpgFile:Unreasonable Barcelona Catlin Powers, One Earth DesignsFile:Untitled
File:Unu.pngFile:Unverified assumptions, overlooking of local needs and pro-solution biases in the solar cooking literature - L. Iessa - 2017.pdfFile:Up Scaling Solar Cooker Project in Kilimanjaro and Manyara Regions in Tanzania Gabone.pdf
File:Up arrow.pngFile:Upside-down lid tip.jpgFile:Urban Innovation Solar Power Dr. Ajay Chandak TEDxNMIMSHyderabad
File:Uruguay solar event, 10-29-16.pngFile:Usaid logo.jpegFile:Use Case
File:Use Meter 2008.pdfFile:Using a solar oven to cook a chickenFile:Uso de Cocinas Solares y sus Impactos en la Comunidad de Villaseca, Chile.pdf
File:Uso y Impactos de Cocinas Solares.pdfFile:Utrech U. Eval (Olthof).pdfFile:Utrech U Eval (Olthof) March 2005.pdf
File:VIdeo 1 How to set up the WAPI makerFile:VIdeo 2 Making WAPIsFile:VIdeo 3 How to turn OFF the WAPI maker
File:VIdeo 4 Trouble shooringsFile:VIdeo 5 Making WAPIs with candle flameFile:VIdeo 6 Candle or the WAPI maker
File:VTS 01 1.wmvFile:VTVhoaquy.JPGFile:VTVhoaquy1.JPG
File:Vacum tube.jpgFile:Vacuum tube cooker, 8-11.jpgFile:Vajra Foundation Nepal 2013.jpg
File:Vajra Foundation Nepal 2013 multiple.jpgFile:Vajra Foundation Nepal Haybox November 2006.jpgFile:Vajra Foundation Nepal November 2006.jpg
File:Vajra Foundation steam kitchen Kathmandu.jpgFile:Vala-Faldo.pngFile:Van Gimert COPD-main.pdf
File:Vandana Shiva PlenaryFile:Variations on a Theme.pdfFile:Varun Raheja poster.pdf
File:Vendors selling fish in Morocco.jpgFile:Vergan chopped liverFile:Vergan chopped liver-0
File:Vertical cavity.pngFile:Via Organica logo.jpgFile:Via Organica training 12-10,1.jpg
File:Via Organica training 12-12, 2.jpgFile:Victoria Aguilera 2013.jpgFile:Vietnam Solar Serve News No 34.pdf
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File:Village dans le djoudj.JPGFile:Villager-oven.jpgFile:Villager.jpg
File:Villager Afghanistan 1.jpgFile:Villager Afghanistan 2.jpgFile:Villager Afghanistan 3.jpg
File:Villager Baking Cookies.jpgFile:Villager Bread Baking.jpgFile:Villager Burkina Faso.jpg
File:Villager Central Park Earthday 2007.jpgFile:Villager DPRK.jpgFile:Villager In Sun.jpg
File:Villager In Town.jpgFile:Villager Micro Sun Bakery.jpgFile:Villager Oven In Place.jpg
File:Villager Rotary 2.jpgFile:Villager Sand.jpgFile:Villager School Roof.jpg
File:Villager Sri Lanka Bread.jpgFile:Villager Sun.jpgFile:Villager Sun Oven to Karatara South Africa, 4-26-13.jpg
File:Villager Training On Roof.jpgFile:Villager Valle Fair.jpgFile:Villager WashingtonDC.jpg
File:Villager With Children.jpgFile:Villager on Trailer.jpgFile:Villager sun oven.jpg
File:Villager with Paul Munsen.jpgFile:Villagers in the Sun.jpgFile:Villaseca 2008 2.jpg
File:Villaseca Solar Restaurant - ChileFile:Villaseca Solar Restaurant 11-10.jpgFile:Villaseca cocina solar
File:Villaseca solar restaurant.jpgFile:Vimini solar cooker front.jpgFile:Vince5.jpg
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File:Vincent Nnanna Togo2.jpgFile:Vincent Nnanna demonstrates.jpgFile:Vincent Nnanna school training 8-11.jpg
File:Virginia Bauso explains the workings of the parabolic solar cooker, 12-23-14.pngFile:Virginia Deaf Blind School 10-18.jpgFile:Visita-03020.jpg
File:Vivek Kabra 2012.jpgFile:Vivek Kabra explains the benefits of solar to young students, 1-23-14.jpgFile:Vivek Kabra photo, 3-8-17.png
File:Vivo en Argentina Cocina solar - 02-08-11File:Volunteers in Fort Wayne, Indiana (USA) are making corrugated plastic solar cookers for displaced families in Darfur.jpgFile:Von Oppen tracking diagram.jpg
File:Vorschläge zu OSAT und ARTIS.pdfFile:Vu du ciel - ADES - charbon et fours solaires.mpgFile:WAPI - Water Pasteurization Indicator
File:WAPI Dadaab.jpgFile:WAPI Instructions Spanish.pdfFile:WAPI Meatu.jpg
File:WAPI diagram.jpgFile:WAPI drawing.gifFile:WAPI in use.jpg
File:WAPI instructions English.pdfFile:WAPI jig.jpgFile:WARTA9 - BUDAK9 - Pertandingan Solar Stove 2009
File:WBT-Comparison Test, 3-4-15.pngFile:WEBINER ON SOLAR COOKING.pdfFile:WHO.HWT.IAQ.RFP.pdf
File:WHO1.pngFile:WHO HAP deaths by location 2012.jpgFile:WISER December 2008.jpg
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File:Wall oven - cooking from the sun.jpgFile:Wall oven diagram.jpgFile:Walloven inside.jpg
File:Walter's spalr cooker 1.jpgFile:Walters, Greene Concluding Remarks The Future We EnvisionFile:Walters Solar Cooker
File:Walters logo.jpgFile:Walters soalr cooker 3.jpgFile:Walters solar cooker 4.jpg
File:Wapi-before-after.jpgFile:Wapi Chuck and Marge 2016.JPGFile:Wapi directions (portuguese).pdf
File:Wapi instrucciones en espanol.pdfFile:Washington Post July 2019.jpgFile:Water&Solar100 logo, 3-29-17.png
File:Water&Solar100 photo, 3-29-17.pngFile:Water 3 - Nganyeni 4.jpgFile:Water Boiling Test (Muller), 3-5-15.pdf
File:Water Disinfection - Add Unheated Water to Boiling Water Sun24 - 2019.pdfFile:Water Pasteurization Indicator (WAPI)File:Water Workshop Participants.jpg
File:Water disinfection for developing countries Burch Thomas.pdfFile:Water heater experiment-1.JPGFile:Water heater experiment-2.JPG
File:Water pasteurization lethal graph.gifFile:Water pasteurization preheater.gifFile:Water testing kit.jpg
File:Water testing kit2.jpgFile:Watercone1.gifFile:Watercone solar still diagram.jpg
File:Watercone® for Google Project 10^100File:Watermelon Processing in Triple Purpose Solar Integrated Device - P.C. Pande (January 2009).pdfFile:We Care For You Uganda 2016.jpg
File:We are World Central KitchenFile:Webinar - Solar cooker performance evaluationFile:Webinar Presentation- Refugee Camps Situation- by Godfrey Mawira.pdf
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File:Welcome to zimbabwe.jpgFile:Welfare Society for Disabled Persons 2000.jpgFile:Welfare Society for Solar Development - smoke campaign 2014.pdf
File:Wendy Dewitt -- Food Storage Seminar, Part 7 of 9.File:WentzelMarlett small.jpgFile:Wentzel South Africa Solar Cooking Impact 2007.pdf
File:Wentzel solar cookers SA energy policy 2007.pdfFile:West's Parabolic Solar Canner Boiler Steamer cart 004.jpgFile:West's Parabolic Solar Canner Boiler Steamer cart 009.jpg
File:West's Parabolic Solar Cooking Cart saucepan closeupsSmaller.jpgFile:West's Solar Cooking Experiments 009.jpgFile:West's Solar Cooking demo1.1 closeups 007.jpg
File:West's Solar Cooking demo1.2 Solar broiling chicken experiment 001.jpgFile:West's Solar Oven Cooking Cart in action closeups2 001.jpgFile:West's Solar Oven Cooking Cart in action closeups 003.jpg
File:West's Solar Oven Cooking Cart in action closeups smaller.jpgFile:What I learned from cooking with the sun Pia Otte at TEDxTrondheimSalonFile:What I learned from cooking with the sun Pia Otte at TEDxTrondheimSalon-0
File:What I learned from cooking with the sun Pia Otte at TEDxTrondheimSalon-1File:What is the Sun Oven in 2 minutes or less.File:What one person or a small group can do to promote solar cooking RCoyle.pdf
File:What would be a Sustainable Water Pasteurization Indicator (WAPI) Producing Method for Developing Countries Kumagai.pdfFile:What you can do to promote solar cooking (Farsi).pdfFile:Wheelbarrow windshield1.jpg
File:Wheelbarrow windshield2.jpgFile:White.jpgFile:White Horse HS.jpg
File:Whitfield 1.jpgFile:Whitfield Carbon Credits as Accessible Funding CDM, Gold standard projectsFile:Whitfield Kimberly Dryer Paper.pdf
File:Why Not Manufacture Solar Systems in Pakistan - 24 2 09.pdfFile:Why Solar Cooking - Solar Household EnergyFile:Why is SCI Important to You? Pete Schwartz
File:Why not cook with the sun? The Worlds best solar cooking oven!File:Wide Double Funnel Cooker.MTSFile:Widget btn blue.png
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File:Wikia-Visualization-Main.pngFile:Wildlife Works - Mama Mercy, Imani Women's GroupFile:Will Hsu poster.pdf
File:William Hillig 1962.jpgFile:Willy.jpgFile:Willy cooker 2.jpg
File:Willy cooker 3.jpgFile:Wilma Goppel, KoZon, Senegal, 11-12-13.jpgFile:Wilson Solar-cooker paper 2013 09 16.pdf
File:Wilson solar grill, 8-11.jpgFile:Window-solar-cooker Avinash Prabhune 2018.jpgFile:Window mount solar cooker, 6-27-18.png
File:Windshield cookers from behind.jpgFile:Windshield shade 1.jpgFile:Windshield shade 2.jpg
File:Windshield shade 3.jpgFile:Winter parabolic.jpgFile:Wire frame to keep normal plastic bag from melting.jpg
File:Wire stand.jpgFile:Wisconsin Thru the wall solar cooker.pdfFile:Witness - Manda's Prize - 26 Sep 08 - Part 1
File:Witness - Manda's Prize - 26 Sep 08 - Part 2File:Wolfgang Scheffler-Granada 2006.jpgFile:Woman and child box cooking, ADES, 11-29-17.pdf
File:Woman and child box cooking, ADES, 11-29-17.pngFile:Women Barefood Engineers - March 2015.jpgFile:Women of Iridimi
File:Women spend less time and energy foraging for firewood outside of IDP camps when they use solar CooKits.jpg .jpgFile:WonderBag FinalCutFile:Wonderbag image, 11-13-13.jpg
File:Wonderbag logo, 11-13-13.jpgFile:Wonderbag use diagram, 11-13-13.jpgFile:Wonderbags 7 Sept KZN Business Sunday Tribune.pdf
File:Wood-charcoal-production-in-africa ce48.jpgFile:Wood.JPGFile:Wood Parts.jpg
File:Wood burning stove .jpgFile:Wood burning stove at work.jpgFile:Wood use cooking beans in heat-retention cooker.jpg
File:Wood worker Flamand.jpgFile:Wooden CooKit.jpgFile:Wooden box cooker plans - Amanah Self Help Group 2009.pdf
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