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Lorraine Anderson is on a mission to mainstream solar cooking in the United States. She authored the cookbook Slow Cook Solar (Green Heron Press, 2023), and co-authored (with Rick Palkovic) Cooking with Sunshine: The Complete Guide to Solar Cuisine (Da Capo Press, 2006). She has edited dozens of books encouraging Earth consciousness, including her own compilations Sisters of the Earth: Women's Prose and Poetry About Nature (Vintage Books, 2nd ed. 2003) and Earth & Eros: A Celebration in Words and Photographs (White Cloud Press, 2015), with photographs by Bruce Hodge. She co-edited Literature and the Environment: A Reader on Nature and Culture (Pearson, 2nd ed. 2012) and Wild in the Willamette: Exploring the Mid-Valley's Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas (OSU Press, 2015).


Slow Cook Solar poster, 5-3-24

Photo credit: Lorraine Anderson

  • NEW: June 2024: Slow Cook Solar wins award - Lorraine Anderson's latest book is a 2024 Silver Winner in the Nautilus Book Awards program. The competition honors "books that support conscious living and green values, wellness, social change, social justice, and spiritual growth." She advocates cooking local, seasonal foods, and solar cooking these foods is a great way to respect and partner with our planet.
  • April 2023: Lorraine Anderson has recently published her new cookbook, Slow Cook Solar, with everything you need to know to get started with solar cooking.

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  • April 2023:

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