Solar Cooking
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As Jewish Environmental activists and educators, we have been following the efforts to provide solar cooking to those in need. Part of the tour in our eco-center includes brewing tea in a solar oven – while adjusting the oven's direction toward the sun visitors are told the story of how solar ovens save lives of Darfur refugees, and our appreciation of efforts made by your organizations.

Utilization of solar cooking is a component of our 10 week Green Apprenticeship (GA) program. Students use the CooKit model (sent to us by Solar Cookers International to support our education work) that is used in Chad (as well as permanent box and reflector models that they construct). The weekly (and this evening's "kosher for Pesach") pot-luck dinner will have many items cooked in solar ovens. We will also be reviewing the Iridimi Refugee Camp report posted by Solar Cookers: most of our graduates become involved in social action activities and this project and report convey in a professional way the challenges and systematic approach in technology transfer and social interaction to achieve success.


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