Solar Cooking
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Low-tech Lab is a French non-profit working on low-technologies: systems or know-hows that are useful, as they address a basic need (access to water, food, energy, waste...), sustainable and affordable to all, both economically and technically. Their goal is to document, experiment and spread these solutions. They carry out different expeditions around the world and produce open-source tutorials, documentaries for TV, and videos available on the Internet so that this knowledge can be accessible to all.


Guénolé Conrad (right), of Low-tech Lab, met with Alan Bigelow of SCI in late summer 2021. Photo credit: Sidonie Francès/Low-tech Lab

  • December 2021: Guénolé Conrad, of Low-tech Lab, was able to visit the USA late last summer, and arranged to meet with Alan Bigelow, the Science Director at Solar Cookers International. Alan is located in New York state, and met with Guénolé at his home. Here Alan conducts some of the Performance Evaluation Process(PEP) tests of various solar cookers, measuring their performance output. The unbiased scientific testing helps institutions, government agencies, and individuals make comparitative purchasing choices. The current list and outcomes of solar cookers that have been tested can be seen at PEP tested solar cookers. See the blog entry made of Guénolé's vist with Alan at: A Global Network of Solar Cookers!

Solar cooking at Low-tech Lab[]

When making instructional videos, Low-tech Lab has profiled several solar cookers, including the The Four Solaire and the Multicuiseur Solaire.

The Four Solaire

Multicuiseur Solaire

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